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We offer quality insurance plans from top carriers with some of the largest provider networks in the country.

Mary J.

We were searching for a plan with no waiting periods and found one with Delta and quickly enrolled online. And the dentist I wanted was already in the network so it was easy to schedule my first appointment.

Mary J.

Sarah A.

We found all the plan info was clearly presented and after comparing plans and deciding we were able to enroll online and schedule an appointment with our dentist right way.

Sarah A.

Alex B.

I needed dental implants and found a plan with Renaissance Dental that provided covered benefits for my treatment. My search for the right plan paid off and I can’t believe my new smile.

Alex B.

Lauren C.

I needed to get my eyes checked and was looking for the right vision plan. On the website I found one with VSP that covered my exam and gave me benefits for new contacts. Now I’m glad to be seeing things more clearly.

Lauren C.

Preston R.

I asked my dentist where to find an insurance plan they would accept and they told me about the website. I searched for plans and found one that fit my budget and I was able to get to work done my dentist had recommended.

Preston R.

Kristi A.

After waiting too long to see a dentist, I finally found an affordable plan on the website and enrolled and got much needed treatment that removed my tooth pain. So glad I found this website.

Kristi A.

Jennifer S.

I had noticed my vision was getting worse especially at night. So I wanted to see an optometrist to get glasses but didn’t want to pay out of pocket. Fortunately I found a plan with VSP Vision on the site and it covered by exam and had a copay for my glasses. A really good deal.

Jennifer S.


Dental Insurance Made Easy

Are you looking for affordable dental insurance and tired of the hassle of dealing with other companies that make you give out personal info before they’ll show you any plan info or rates. With EasyDentalQuotes, we make dental insurance easy. Just enter your Zip code and click “Find Plans” to see all plans and rates available in your area. It’s that simple. And when you find a plan you like, just click “Buy Now” to sign up with just a few simple steps.

We provide quality dental plans from some of the top carriers in the industry such as Delta Dental, Renaissance Dental, Nationwide, and others. Are you an individual or senior? We have plans for you. Or maybe you have a family with children. You’re in luck. EasyDentalQuotes offers affordable dental plans for people of all ages.

Full Coverage Dental Insurance Plans

Some of the most sought after plans are full coverage dental insurance. Full coverage plans generally provide coverage for services from routine exams all the way to major work like bridges, extractions, or crowns. Our plans with Renaissance Dental even have coverage for dental implants, which is becoming one of the most sought after oral treatments. We are also proud to offer a variety of Delta Dental Premier plans and Delta Dental PPO plans for individuals, families, and seniors. Delta Premier plans are some of the most popular plans because of their large provider network of top dentists.

We are pleased to provide multiple full coverage options that include PPO plans, Indemnity plans, and Immediate Coverage plans. With PPO dental plans, you typically have a provider network and you get better benefits by staying In-Network even though you can see dentists who are out of the network. But with Indemnity dental plans you can generally see any dentist you want as plans will pay a higher out of network payment. Are you tired of plans that have waiting periods? We have Immediate Coverage plan options that have no waiting periods. So you can begin using all of your benefits from day one. Regardless of what type of low cost dental insurance you’re looking for, we have a plan for you.


Low Cost Discount Dental Plans

Do you need great dental benefits at a lower price point? You’re in luck because we are pleased to offer a selection of discount dental plans for singles and families with kids. Discount plans are able to offer significant savings and discounts for services by using provider networks that have agreed to accept lower discounted payments. You only have to pay the set discounted amount for each procedure you have. And discount plans general provide benefits for both regular services like exams and x-rays and more extensive treatments like crowns or root canals. Members can enjoy low prices and a large selection of In-Network providers. Discount plans can be a win-win for value and savings, while providing the services you need.


Vision Insurance Plans

Did you know that dental and vision plans are commonly purchased together? These are some of the most sought after health services in the country and we are pleased to offer additional savings for our packaged plans.

We work with industry leading carriers like Davis Vision and VSP to offer our members quality vision care with some of the largest provider networks in the country. Our vision insurance plans provide benefits for common vision services like annual exams and materials such as contact lenses or eye glasses. Many plans also include discounts for laser eye correction.

Vision services are some of the most vital health needs and are typically not covered under most health insurance policies. Whether you’re looking for a stand alone vision insurance plan or a package plan, we are proud to offer a superior selection of vision and dental plan options to our clients.

Large Dental Provider Networks

Are you looking for specific a dentist in your area? Or maybe you need to see an oral specialist for vital services. You’re in luck because EasyDentalQuotes partners with some of the most prestigious provider networks in the country that include some of the best dentists and specialists in your area. Plus with Indemnity plans and others that have high out of network benefits, you can generally see any dentist you like.

Many families with children are now wanting their kids to see a pediatric dentist. Great news because our provider networks generally include a large number of pediatric specialists who can make kid’s visits a blast. Some members may need to see an endodontist for a root canal. Others may look for periodontists or oral surgeons for specific oral treatments. No problem as our provider networks include an array of these sought after providers.

Are you a family with kids who need braces? Our provider networks include a host of orthodontists who can meet your needs as many of our plans include orthodontia benefits.

At EasyDentalQuotes, we strive to serve our clients well and to provide the information, resources, and quality products our members are looking for. Great dental plans are just one click away and you can contact us if you’d like personal assistance to find the right plan for your or your family. With EasyDentalQuotes, we make dental insurance easy.

* Not all carriers are available in all states.
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We stand by our products and services to guarantee your satisfaction. If you decide to cancel your plan for any reason within 30 days of enrollment and no claims are filed, then a full refund will be made.

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