5 Keys to Finding the Best Dental Insurance Plan


Finding the Best Dental Insurance Plan

Finding the best dental insurance plan can be a challenge. But there are ways to narrow down your search to find the very best dental plan to meet your needs. Let’s take a look at 5 keys to finding the best dental insurance plan.

Determine what dental services you need
Decide if you can wait for major dental treatments
Find a plan that’s In-Network for your dentist
Check for extra coverage like ortho or dental implants
Get the most bang for your buck with plan costs

Decide what dental services and treatments you may need

One of the first things you should consider for a dental plan is the type of dental procedures you may need it to cover. For many, basic dental services like bi-annual exams with cleanings and x-rays is all you may need. For others, you may already know that you require additional treatments for fillings or a tooth extraction. Or you may need major dental treatments like a root canal, crown, or dental implants.

It’s helpful to try to anticipate what types of services you may need after your initial visit with the dentist to make sure your dental plan will have coverage for those services. If you only plan to receive basic check up’s then a dental discount plan may be just fine. Or if you’d like to be covered no matter what the dentist recommends, then a full coverage dental insurance plan may be a better choice.

Can you wait for major dental work or do you need it done immediately?

Once you’ve decided what types of dental services you may need, it’s probably good to consider how you may deal with any potential waiting periods for major procedures. With individual dental plans, it’s common to find plans with some form of waiting period for major services. For those who don’t anticipate any major dental work in the near future, then a wait would not be an issue. But if you already know that you need major dental work, then it’s probably best to look for a plan with no waiting periods for major services.

Fortunately there are a variety of plans available with no waiting periods for major services. Plans such as Delta Dental’s Immediate Coverage plan and those with Renaissance Dental allow members to begin receiving benefits for major dental treatments without delay.

Pick a dental plan to see your choice of dentist

Many people have an existing dentist that they’ve seen for years. Others may be looking to see a specific dentist. When looking for a dental plan it’s a good idea to think about the dentist you will see before you choose a plan. Many plans will have provider search tools that you can use to view dentist in their network.

Fortunately many PPO dental plans give members options to see most dental providers whether they are In or Out of Network. Though it’s usually best to try to find a plan where the dentist is In Network as you will typically get better benefits for staying In Network.

Consider optional coverage for orthodontics or dental implants

Another area of consideration when searching for the best dental plan is coverage for specialty dental services such as orthodontia or dental implants. Many families with dependent children may want to make sure that your plan includes orthodontic coverage for braces. But if you’re an adult with no dependents, it’s probably not a necessity.

Another popular dental specialty is dental implants. Unfortunately many individual dental plans do not include coverage for implants. However, there are some plans and carriers that do provide coverage for dental implants. One such carrier is Renaissance Dental that provides several plan options that includes coverage for implants. Since implants can be expensive it’s probably a good idea to make sure your plan has coverage if you’re planning to consider this procedure in the future.

Find the sweet spot between plan benefits and costs

Now that you’ve considered several factors for dental plans, it’s always a good idea to weigh plan benefits with the costs. For instance, plans with no waiting periods will generally be more expensive than those that include a waiting period. But if you don’t need major services and would like to have it available in the future, then a lower cost plan may be the better option.

Also, there are other plan differences such as lower benefit maximums versus higher benefit maximums. These can range generally from $1000 to $3000 a year for a member. For those with more routine services a $1000 max can work. For others that may need major services, then a higher benefit max would come in handy. Obviously the plans with the higher benefit maxes will cost more than those with lower maxes. At the end of the day, it’s about weighing the options to find the right balance regarding plan benefits and costs.

You can find the right dental fit

With these steps in mind, it’s possible to find the best dental plan for you and your family. When you anticipate your service needs, search for In Network dentists, and consider various plan options, you will be well on your way to narrowing your search to identify the best fit for a dental plan.

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