5 Reasons to Buy Dental Insurance


Why Should I Buy Dental Insurance?

So you’re debating whether to buy dental insurance. Does it make sense? Will I get value for my money? These are valid questions and worthy of good answers. Let’s dig in and see if dental insurance may make sense for you.

Dental plans can pay off
Dental costs are rising
Dental networks can save money
Major dental services are expensive
Get protection from unexpected expenses

Dental insurance can pay for itself if you do recommended bi-annual cleanings and exams

Many plans will cover routine cleanings and exams at 100% coverage. This usually includes some x-rays and other diagnostic treatments that can identify future dental issues before they start. Plus if you need additional treatments, the plans can provide benefits that offset the costs you would have to pay without insurance.

The costs of dental services are rising

As with other areas of the economy, rising costs due to inflation continue to cause the costs for services such as dental treatments to increase. Those without dental insurance are forced to pay for treatments out of their pocket and will often delay getting routine exams which can help prevent more costly treatments in the future. Dental insurance can help offset the rising costs of services by providing a value of multiple benefits and services under one plan and some benefits can increase over time as well.

The advantages of In Network provider discounts

Dental Insurance plans will usually include a PPO (preferred provider organization) network of dental providers. These In Network providers agree to accept discounted payments from the insurance plan in order to participate in the network. By doing this the dentists will be able to see all the members of that network. And the members of the network get to take advantage of the discounted cost of procedures.

Here’s an example. Let’s say a dentist normally charges $250 for a filling. But an In Network dentist agrees to accept the plans’ payment of $175 in order to be a part of the network and see more patients. In this example, the members take advantage of lower costs which causes their plan benefits to go further.

Major services such as crowns, bridges, or dentures can be expensive

Sometimes avoiding the dentist can lead to dental issues that require treatment. Tooth pain can be a result of infection or other issues that require procedures such as root canals and then usually crowns, bridges, dentures, or dental implants. These types of services can usually cost thousands of dollars.

By having dental insurance, most full coverage plans provide benefits for these major services to help offset the costs. Several available plans can have annual benefit maximums up to $3000 which comes in handy when having major work performed.

Protection for unexpected dental expenses

Insurance in general is considered the protection from an unexpected loss or event. This also applies to unexpected dental needs that can arise, which may need costly treatment. By having a dental insurance plan, you’ll be prepared to deal with these needs and have benefits to help pay for necessary services to alleviate your pain or symptoms.

As you can see, there are many benefits to having dental insurance and these are just a few. Once you decide to pursue getting dental insurance you can begin the search to find the right plan to fit your needs. EasyDentalQuotes strives to make the search for dental plans easy.

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