A Guide to the Best Dental Plans for Seniors


Are you a Senior who needs Dental Care?

It is a rewarding time for those who reach an age for retirement. But as with many new seasons there can be some unexpected experiences along the way.

If you are a senior or are approaching retirement, you may be surprised to find out that Medicare does not provide coverage for routine dental care. Medicare mainly covers medical treatments, but does not provide any assistance for routine dental care such as bi-annual exams, cleanings, or even major services like bridges or dentures. This leaves it to seniors to search for a dental plan that can meet their coverage needs.

As with any major decision, it often helps to compare options to find the best solution. Let us give you some helpful tips as you begin your search for the right Senior dental coverage.

Choose Plans with No Age Limits
Choose Plans with Freedom of Choice
Try to avoid Plans with Waiting Periods
Consider Dental Implants
Dental Insurance vs. Discount Dental Plans

Choose a Dental Plan that has No Age Limits or Exclusions for Seniors

As you begin your search for the right dental plan, you may find that some individual dental plans have age limits for coverage or other limitations for seniors over the age of 65. You’ll want to avoid these plans as you obviously do not want any limitations on your dental plan or coverage due to your age.

At EasyDentalQuotes, all the plans and carriers that are offered do not have any age limits for seniors. Plus there are no rate hikes based upon a member’s age. So with the right plans, seniors are able to get the same coverage as anyone else. And that’s the way it should be.

Find a Plan to see the Dentist of your Choice

You may already have a dentist that you’ve seen for years. Or you might be open to searching for a new dentist so that you can get the best dental coverage possible. Regardless of your situation, it’s usually best to pick a dental plan that gives you freedom in choosing which dental providers you can see.

For freedom of choice, there are a few types of plans to consider including PPO dental plans and Indemnity plans. PPO dental plans generally allow members to see any dentist, but they also include a listing of In Network dentists. With PPO’s you typically get more value if you see an In Network provider, but you can still choose to see an Out of Network provider too. Though Out of Network providers can bill for additional charges if they wish.

Indemnity dental plans typically pay a flat fee to dentists whether they are in or out of network. These plans generally pay a higher reimbursement rate so it becomes less likely that a dentist would bill for additional charges.

Also, many plans will allow you to search their Provider Networks to see if your dentist is already participating in their network. This helps if you already have a dentist and want to make sure they are in the plan’s network.

Choosing a dentist is an important step in the process of getting dental care, and finding a dental plan that gives you freedom of choice can be a valuable plan benefit.

Decide if you need to avoid Waiting Periods

Waiting periods are a common feature of many individual dental plans. Individual dental plans are different from group dental plans because the coverage is for one specific person or family as opposed to a whole group of employees.

Therefore, many plans include some waiting periods for the most expensive treatments that are considered major dental services. If you do not have any current dental issues and only need immediate benefits for routine exams and basic care, then having a waiting period may not be an issue.

However, if you do have existing dental issues that require major dental work, then it would be best to find a dental plan without any waiting periods for major services. Fortunately there are a number of plans that fall into this category and allow a growing level of coverage for all services that can begin immediately. At EasyDentalQuotes, some of these plans include the Delta Dental Immediate Coverage plan and plans with Renaissance Dental.

Do you need coverage for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are becoming a more popular treatment for damaged or missing teeth because they are considered a more permanent solution as opposed to removable bridges or dentures. However, as with all treatments that are newer, dental implants can often be expensive, so you may need a dental plan to help with covering your costs.

However, if you’re looking for coverage for dental implants, you may find that many individual dental plans do not include coverage for implants due to the newness of the procedure and expensive nature of the treatments. But the good news is that there are some plans that do provide benefits for dental implants.

At EasyDentalQuotes, we are able to recommend plans with Renaissance Dental that include coverage for dental implants. If this is a category of service you anticipate in the future, it would be worthwhile to choose a plan that includes implants as a benefit.

Costs… Dental insurance vs Discount Dental plans

If you’re a senior on a fixed income, the cost of a dental plan will be an important factor. Concerning plan costs, there are 2 main categories of dental plans that you should consider – dental insurance plans and discount dental plans.

Discount dental plans are not insurance. However they provide a low cost alternative to dental insurance plans. Dental discount plans have a small monthly fee that allows you to receive substantial discounts for procedures with the plans’ In Network dental providers. With discount plans, you only pay the specific discounted amount for the procedures you have. These discounts can be 40-50% off typical retail costs for services. If the cost of care is a significant factor you may want to consider a discount dental plan with a carrier like Careington dental.

Dental insurance plans typically cost more than discount plans, but they make actual plan payments to dental providers. Dental insurance plans usually have an annual benefit maximum of $1000 up to $3000 per year that can be paid out depending on the plan. Though insured dental plans may cost more than discount plans they may be a better solution if you need more dental care or have been accustomed to using dental insurance plans before.

The Right Dental Plan for Seniors…It’s your Choice

As we’ve discussed, you’ll want to take several factors into consideration as you’re searching for the best dental plan to meet your needs. From choosing a dentist to considering waiting periods or specific plan benefits, you’ll want to be sure to compare several plan options to find the best fit.

At EasyDentalQuotes, we offer a variety of plans for seniors with top carriers such as Delta Dental, Renaissance Dental, Nationwide Insurance and others to help give you options to meet any members need.

So as you enjoy the golden season of life during retirement, having the best coverage for your health and dental care needs can be an important influence on your daily life. Hopefully with the right guidance and a little effort, you’ll find the best fit for you that will leave you smiling.

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