A tooth ache can lead to more serious dental issues


A tooth ache can start small but lead to bigger problems if untreated

It’s said that over time, an acorn can turn into an oak tree. It’s true that small problems can become big problems if left unchecked. The same is true with our oral health. Small dental issues if not addressed can deteriorate and lead to more severe and expensive dental issues.

We should listen to our bodies as pain indicates a problem

Our bodies will talk to us if we listen. Many times the clearest language that our body will speak is pain. Pain and inflammation is the tell-tale sign that something is wrong in our mouth. Cracks in a tooth, cavities, or gum issues can cause various levels of discomfort that should prompt us to seek medical attention. Dentists are able to diagnose the cause of oral pain and begin a treatment plan that brings healing and resolution to the issue. But if we don’t listen to what our body is saying, more severe problems can follow.

Untreated dental issues can result in the loss of oral function

Dental issues such as a cracked tooth, deep cavity, or other dental trauma can put a tooth in jeopardy. If a tooth suffers trauma and is not properly treated, nerve damage can occur. Root canals are necessary to attempt to repair nerve damage in the mouth, but sometimes a tooth may not be saved and must be extracted. Since our teeth are one of the only bones in our body that will not re-grow, if a tooth is extracted, then it must be replaced with a crown, bridge, or implant. These dental services are some of the most expensive treatments and may be avoided if problems are treated early on.

Oral infections can lead to severe medical issues that can be life threatening

Not only can untreated dental issues lead to the loss of a tooth, they can also lead to more severe medical issues. Studies have shown that poor oral health can contribute to medical issues such as heart disease, lung conditions, and arthritis. Since our body is connected by our vascular system, oral conditions that allow bacteria to breed in the mouth can easily spread to other parts of the body, especially to the heart.

Treat dental issues and get dental insurance to help cover the costs

In light of this, it’s always good to listen when our body speaks. When pain, inflammation, or discomfort arises in our mouth, it’s best to seek treatment with a dental professional. Dentists can provide a treatment plan to address the issue at hand and help avoid more severe and costly problems.

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