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Find the best dental insurance plans for pediatric dentists and services

If you’ve got some kids running around, you probably know that it’s important to make sure their teeth are taken care of, especially if you want them to get married and leave the house one day. But in all seriousness, it’s important to find the right dental insurance plan to help meet the dental care needs of your family and children. Let’s take a look at some important factors to consider and some plans that fit the bill.

Kid friendly dental benefits
Try to avoid waiting periods for fillings
Do you need orthodontic benefits too?
Find In Network pediatric dental providers
See Out of Network pediatric dentists too
Take your kids to the dentist regularly

Get a kid friendly dental plan that includes common pediatric services like topical fluoride and sealants

All dental plans are not created equal. You may think that every plan includes services such as the application of topical fluoride or dental sealants, but not all do. It’s true that just about every dental plan will cover the basics, such as routine cleanings and x-rays. These are important dental services, but with children, it’s a good idea to have a plan that includes benefits for fluoride and dental sealants, because we know that kids like candy and don’t like to regular brush their teeth regularly.

Fortunately we can report that plans offered by EasyDentalQuotes with Delta Dental and Renaissance Dental include these kid friendly benefits for fluoride and sealants.

Try to avoid waiting periods for basic services like fillings

Ah… waiting periods. These are one part of the landscape when evaluating dental plans. While waiting periods can be useful to help lower the initial cost of a plan for services you may not immediately need, they can be a set back for certain services that you might want to get right away.

While dental waiting periods are most common in the major services category, there are some plans that will limit benefits towards some basic services like fillings for up to six months. This may not be a deal breaker for some, but if your kids need some fillings due to cavities, you may want to do without any wait on the basic dental services category.

Concerning plans, the Renaissance Dental Max Choice and Max Choice Plus plans do not include any waiting periods for basic or major services, so you’re good to go there. With the Delta Dental plans, it can vary from plan to plan whether a waiting period will apply. The Delta Immediate Coverage plan is one that does not have any waiting periods for basic or major services, so it may be one to consider. Low cost discount plans with Careington also do not include any waiting periods, but these plans only give a discount for services and do not make any insurance payments to providers.

Make sure to include orthodontic benefits in your dental plan search

When children are small, we worry about cavities and fillings. As they grow older, then sometimes we have to consider the possibility of orthodontic care if their teeth are not lining up properly. And remember the whole wedding and moving out of the house thing is important, so a nice smile with straight teeth can go a long way to making this become a reality.

This is why you probably want to check dental plan options for orthodontia, especially if you believe your child may need these services in the future. Most plans with ortho benefits will have a lifetime benefit maximum per child for orthodontic benefits. You’ll want to look at the plan details to see how benefits can help your specific situation best.

Fortunately dental plans with orthodontic benefits are common as most carriers have plan options including benefits for braces and similar treatments. However, be aware that most orthodontic benefits are for children ages 19 and under, so you’ll want to get things started before they reach the age limits.

Search provider networks to identify available pediatric dentists

If you’re focused on the dental care of your children, then you’ve probably thought about the benefits of seeing a pediatric dental specialist. Pediatric dentistry has become very popular, especially in suburban areas with lots of growing children. Pediatric dentists can be a huge help with your child’s oral health because they are focused on the specific needs of the younger age groups. Plus they can be a lot of fun to work with.

Fortunately, as pediatric dentists have grown in number, they have become more accessible and joined many dental networks including those with Delta, Renaissance, Nationwide, and others. When evaluating a dental plan, you can use the “Provider Search” tool and search for pediatric specialists. Most carrier networks will include a sufficient number of pediatric options that you can consider.

You can see Out of Network pediatric dentists with a PPO dental plan

So what if that popular pediatric dentist in your area that everyone wants to see is not participating in any dental networks? It’s true that some dental offices have chosen not to join some dental networks, and operate as Out of Network providers. However, most of these providers will file insurance claims as a courtesy to their patients and accept insurance payments from the carriers. Though you may want to ask them about their balance billing guidelines to see if they’ll try to charge you for any additional costs.

If you’re wanting the flexibility to see Out of Network providers, then you want to find a PPO dental plan that includes out of network benefits. There are a host of dental options that will pay any dentist including plans with Nationwide, Renaissance, Delta Dental, and other carriers. Just be sure to look for the terms PPO or references to non-participating provider payments when evaluating plan options.

Use your dental benefits regularly to keep your kids smiling

Hopefully we’ve given you some good ammunition to be able to make an informed choice for your child’s dental care. Regardless of which type of plan you choose, the most important thing is to use your benefits regularly. Most dental plans will include benefits for cleanings and exams every 6 months. This is one of the best ways to maintain your child’s oral health and to identify any issues early on.

By working with a pediatric provider that’s focused on younger patients, along with a kid friendly dental plan, you’ve got the right combination to keep those teeth looking good. Then hopefully one day, they can meet that special someone and live happily ever after.

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  • I like how you talked about the worries of children and their age changing how you consider their orthodontic care. My nephew is older now and his mom is worried about his teeth. Thank you for the advice about how a nice, white, straight smile can help with my nephew’s future.

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