What is balance billing and how can I avoid it?


Do you know what balance billing is? Balance billing. This unpopular term can be a surprise to some, and cause confusion for many people who choose to see Out of Network medical or dental providers. It can also take a chunk of money out of your wallet. Let’s properly define what balance billing is, and […]

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Best dental plans for pediatric dental benefits


Find the best dental insurance plans for pediatric dentists and services If you’ve got some kids running around, you probably know that it’s important to make sure their teeth are taken care of, especially if you want them to get married and leave the house one day. But in all seriousness, it’s important to find […]

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Tired of wearing glasses? Maybe it’s time for Lasik


Laser eye surgery can be a long term solution for vision correction Ever get tired of wearing contacts or glasses? Have you thought about getting Lasik eye surgery? Laser eye surgery can be an option for most patients in need of vision correction. Millions of patients have received successful vision correction by laser eye procedures. […]

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Are electric toothbrushes better than a regular toothbrush?


Which toothbrush is better, a manual or electric toothbrush? There are many great debates, so let’s have a go at a popular dental debate… are electric toothbrushes better than a manual toothbrush. We’ll discuss some pro’s and con’s and let the chips fall where they may. There are many types of toothbrushes Just walk into […]

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Treat oral bleeding as it can lead to serious illness


Oral bleeding can be a more serious symptom than you realize Although it can be a common issue, bleeding gums can be a more serious condition than you may realize. It’s true that bleeding in the mouth can be caused by a wide variety of reasons like oral trauma or poor oral hygiene, but the […]

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