Guard your mouth… it’s the gateway to the rest of your body


Prevent oral issues that can have negative effects on your health It’s an interesting thought, but a true one. The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body. Obviously food, water, and air enter the body through the oral passage way, but there are other reasons why it’s important to protect your mouth […]

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Common dental procedures… explained


Get simple definitions to common dental procedures Dental terms are commonly used with the assumption that everyone knows what they mean. But don’t worry if you’re a little fuzzy about the meaning of some dental terms. We can help easily explain what common dental procedures are and what they can do for your oral health. […]

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What is balance billing and how can I avoid it?


Do you know what balance billing is? Balance billing. This unpopular term can be a surprise to some, and cause confusion for many people who choose to see Out of Network medical or dental providers. It can also take a chunk of money out of your wallet. Let’s properly define what balance billing is, and […]

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Best dental plans for pediatric dental benefits


Find the best dental insurance plans for pediatric dentists and services If you’ve got some kids running around, you probably know that it’s important to make sure their teeth are taken care of, especially if you want them to get married and leave the house one day. But in all seriousness, it’s important to find […]

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