My Child’s First Visit to the Dentist


The First Visit to a Pediatric Dentist Most new parents have questions about what’s best for their child. As each new stage of development approaches, new questions arise. The same is true of dental care as children grow. For most children, their first visit to the dentist should be between six months of age and […]

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Trump or Hillary for Dental?


What would a President Trump or Hillary mean for dental insurance? This is an interesting question isn’t it? It can be difficult to determine how a potential future president or political party will affect various industries or business interests. Current events and political tides can quickly change leaving some onlookers perplexed. However there are a […]

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Who Needs Dental Insurance?


Do I need dental insurance? Dental insurance…who needs it, right? Well maybe there are more people who need dental insurance than you might think. Dental work and treatments can be expensive and few can afford to pay out of their pocket for services. Let’s take a look at some common groups of people. Children Need […]

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Where to Find Good Dental Insurance


Where can I find good dental insurance? Finding a Good Dental Insurance Plan can be Easy Some things can be more difficult to find than others. Burgers and ice cream are not that hard. A good dental insurance plan can be another story. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult. It can even be […]

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Why Do I Need Dental Insurance?


Ever question why you may need dental insurance? Why does dental insurance exist? Sounds like a good question. Maybe you’ve thought this before. In truth some people can do without dental insurance and be just fine. However, for many people dental insurance provides access to necessary dental services and providers that they would otherwise be […]

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