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Don’t forget dental insurance when you become Medicare eligible


Private dental insurance is important for Medicare members Becoming eligible for Medicare can be overwhelming. With all the paperwork and choices for coverage options, the process of enrolling in Medicare can be confusing and nerve racking. One component of care that often gets overlooked is dental. Just like medical coverage is essential as we age, […]

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Can dental care help reduce bad breath?


Bad breath can be an embarrassing issue that’s treatable We’ve all been there. We’re having a conversation, and suddenly we realize that the stinky smell is actually coming from our mouth and not the other person. While it’s common to have temporary effects to our breath from eating things like garlic, onions, or other pungent […]

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Do you need a mouth guard?


Mouth Guards can protect your teeth from damage One of the worst things to happen is when you damage your teeth and need major dental work. This can be an expensive and painful experience. Fortunately, some issues can be prevented by using a device called a mouth guard. A mouth guard is a custom fitted […]

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