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Good health starts in your mouth


A healthy body includes your mouth and gums Our modern culture has put a large emphasis on health and wellness. You can’t turn on the television or go on the internet without seeing an ad that highlights the benefits of a good diet, weight loss, exercise, or medical care. But many people sometimes forget that […]

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Should I try a new dentist?


It never hurts to check out a new dentist Things can grow stale over time. It’s only natural. Sometimes doing the same thing over and over again can become routine and lose its original appeal. The same experience can happen with your dentist too. If you’re thinking about mixing things up, we’ll give you a […]

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Why do I need yearly x-rays for my teeth?


Do you need to get x-rays if your mouth is healthy? If you go to the dentist regularly, then you are probably familiar with the request for x-rays. Some people wonder if regular x-rays are necessary, especially if you have good oral health. We’ll explain why it’s important to receive this vital dental service on […]

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How dentists can reach more millennial patients


Dentists should seek to connect with millennial patients It’s true that millennials are not afraid to spend money. Whether it’s coffee, clothes, or nice meals, younger millennials are spending record amounts on the products and services they deem valuable. The same principal can be true with dental care. Savvy dentists can position themselves to be […]

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What does good oral care look like?


Learn the basic steps to achieve good oral hygiene So everyone has heard that good oral care is important, right? I guess it is almost common sense that we should try to take care of our teeth. But what does good oral care really look like? It’s been a while since my mom made me […]

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Why are dental services so expensive?


Dental costs are growing higher Do you find yourself questioning why certain things are so expensive? Whether it’s groceries, gas, or other essential services, the cost of living continues to rise in many areas across the country. The same is true of most dental services offered by dental providers across the country. There are a […]

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Poorly fit mouth guards can be counter productive


Use a customized professional mouth guard for better results If you suffer from tooth grinding while you sleep, you may have thought about using a mouth guard. Mouth guards can be a great way to reduce the negative effects of grinding your teeth at night. However, you’ll want to be sure to use the correct […]

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