Do dental plans cover cosmetic treatments?


Dental plans and cosmetic services

Cosmetic dental has become a popular topic for many people. There are a growing number of procedures to enhance your smile ranging from professional tooth whitening to porcelain veneers. With the increased popularity of cosmetic dental service, many people ask if cosmetic services are covered by dental insurance. We’ll help give you a better understanding of dental insurance and the best ways to get cosmetic dental services.

Many dental insurance plans do not cover most cosmetic treatments

Unfortunately, many dental insurance plans do not include coverage for services that are deemed cosmetic in nature. This typically includes the most popular treatments like professional tooth whitening in a dental office and veneers.

While most dental insurance plans do not pay benefits towards cosmetic services, some dental offices will allow for a PPO discount for cosmetic procedures. This can potentially save members hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the services you want. It’s always good to ask your dentist what discounts they could offer since insurance doesn’t pay benefits for cosmetic services.

Discount dental plans typically include discounts for cosmetic services

Discount dental plans are different than dental insurance plans. Discount dental plans provide members a substantial discount on dental services at participating dental offices. A great advantage of discount dental plans is that many include discounts for cosmetic dental services. Many dental discount plans provide savings for services like porcelain veneers, adult orthodontic treatments, and professional tooth whitening.

Plus discount dental plans can be very affordable, often less than $100 for the entire year. If you want a cosmetic dental procedure, it may be worthwhile to get a discount dental plan to offset your expenses.

HSA funds can be spent on cosmetic dental services

Many people overlook the funds in their HSA accounts when considering cosmetic dental treatments. However, treatments for cosmetic dental services are eligible expenses for your health savings account. You can use funds for most types of medical, dental, or vision related care including cosmetic procedures. With this in mind, your HSA savings can be a great source to help get the services that you need.

Save and be creative to get the cosmetic treatments you want

There are a variety of ways to get access to the cosmetic dental services that you want. It might be worth tapping into some of your savings or you may consider selling a valuable item that you don’t use much. It’s amazing how much you can earn by selling items with eBay, Craigslist, or other services.

When you combine PPO discounts with savings in your HSA or other accounts, cosmetic dental services can be accessible. Many dental providers also offer financing with companies like Care Credit. Despite the fact that most dental insurance plans don’t provide benefits for cosmetic services, there are creative ways to get great cosmetic services at affordable rates.

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