Do essential oil or charcoal toothpastes have any benefits?


Learn the benefits of organic oral care products

If you pay attention to the marketing of new products on television or online, you’ve probably seen an onslaught of organic products. A growing number of people have sought the benefits of organic products and natural ingredients to help promote a healthy lifestyle. Now organic products including essential oils have also become available in various oral care products. We’ll take a look at the potential benefits of these new products such as essential oil and charcoal toothpastes.

Why choose organic dental products?

If you’ve wondered about the potential benefits of organic products, you’re not alone. There are a large and growing number of people who have whole heartedly embraced an organic lifestyle. By focusing on pure quality ingredients and avoiding synthetic, chemically based products, many have sought to be discerning consumers of organic sustainable products including oral care products.

Can organic oral care products have superior hygienic results?

When it comes to product results, often it will remain an open question subject to personal opinions. However by and large, many consumers have praised the benefits of organic products and the positive affect on their health and lifestyle.

The same is true with oral care products including toothpaste, dental floss, and mouthwash. While many people have different preferences for flavors, styles, and consistencies, there are many of fans of organic products such as essential oil and charcoal toothpastes.

Some popular brands include Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste by Young Living, Cali White Charcoal and Organic Coconut Oil toothpaste, and Colgate Essentials Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste. These popular products are widely available online and at local drug stores.

Essential Oil and charcoal oral products can give dramatic results

While results may vary, a local dental professional recently gave a first hand account of the benefits of organic dental products. The dental hygienist told of a recent patient who was having severe gum issues, and was in the preliminary stages of developing gingivitis and periodontal issues.

However the patient began a personal regimen of essential oil toothpaste with mouthwash and over a relatively short period of time saw a reversal of the negative oral conditions in their mouth. The patient was actual able to avoid some costly dental procedures by kicking their daily personal dental care into high gear with organic dental products.

It can be worthwhile to try organic dental products

If you’re looking to improve your oral health or just want to try different oral care products, it can’t hurt to sample a few organic dental products. There are wide array of quality options available on Amazon or at local retailers.

You can also ask your local dental professionals for any specific product recommendations. While the cost can be a bit more than traditional options, organic oral care products might be worth trying in order to give you a healthier smile.

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