Do millennials need dental insurance?


Millennials and their dental care needs

It’s true that the millennials are beginning to dominate many conversations when it comes to economic trends. Companies are lining up to cater to the more than 83 million people in the millennial generation. This group includes everyone ages 22 to 36 years old.

While it’s true that younger people spend differently than older generations, there are some services that remain universal to people of all ages. One of these areas is dental care. Let’s take a look at how millennials may view their access to dental care differently than older generations.

Dental issues have impact upon people of all ages

There are some realities of life that impact everyone. One of these is oral health and the reality of dental issues. It’s true that dental problems can occur even if you employ good habits of oral care.

When dental issues arise, it typically requires professional treatment from a dentist or dental provider. Though as with any valuable service, there is a cost associated with dental care. Fortunately there are a variety of methods that millennials can consider to help pay for their dental care needs.

Most millennials have little savings

When it comes to the ability to pay for unexpected expenses, there are some trends that many millennials experience. Older generations typically save for rainy days and have emergency savings available to cover unexpected costs.

However studies show that most millennials have less than $1000 in savings, and some have no savings at all. This can create a problem in relation to dental care, as major dental work can run into thousands of dollars. While savings can help with smaller expenses, there are additional financing methods that can help millennials with their dental care needs.

Many millennials avoid debt

If you don’t have savings, then charge it to the card… right? This might be the mantra of the boomer generation, but most millennials have shunned higher credit card debt. In fact, it’s reported that 65% of millennials don’t even have a credit card.

There are many factors causing this, but the lack of readily available credit can create issues for millennials who need access to services such as dental care. Since many millennials don’t have large savings or easy access to credit, there is a need for other alternatives for getting necessary dental services.

Discount dental plans can appeal to millennials

Discount dental plans can be a great solution for millennials. This is because discount plans give members access to dental treatments at nearly 30% less than retail rates. Plus discount plans are available for around $7 a month.

Studies show that millennials are actually attracted to discounts on products and are heavily driven by price. This is related to their desire to be a responsible consumer and to avoid going into unnecessary debt. For this reason, discount dental plans may be a great solution for many younger patients.

Dental insurance can be a good solution for younger patients

While discount dental plans can be a good option, some younger patients might want better dental benefits. Dental insurance plans are able to cover more services with lower out of pocket costs due to the benefits that are paid to dental providers.

Many times the cost of dental insurance is easily offset by the amount care patients are able to receive. This is why dental insurance plans have been the most popular financing option for dental services for most people. Depending on their dental needs, dental insurance plans can be a great option for some millennial patients.

Millennials can experience great dental health for their future

It’s true that millennials desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while being a responsible consumer. The same is true when it comes to dental care.

With products such as discount dental plans and dental insurance plans, millennial patients can get access to great dental care when they need it.

Not only can younger patients find a plan that suits their values and lifestyle, they can responsibly plan for a healthy future.

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