Do you need a mouth guard?


Mouth Guards can protect your teeth from damage

One of the worst things to happen is when you damage your teeth and need major dental work. This can be an expensive and painful experience. Fortunately, some issues can be prevented by using a device called a mouth guard. A mouth guard is a custom fitted plastic mold that fits in the mouth to protect teeth from various kinds of injury. Let’s take a look at some of the uses and benefits of mouth guards.

Mouth guards are essential in sports and other contact activities

If you or your children play sports or participate in other activities involving physical contact, you should be sure to wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth. Not only do mouth guards help protect your teeth, but they can also help prevent concussions during sports activities.

We see professional athletes on television using mouth guards as they play football, basketball, or other sports. If the pros need them, then amateur athletes definitely need this protection to make sure your jaw and teeth remain in tact. For sports and other activities, you can often find inexpensive mouth guards at your local sporting goods store.

Do you grind your teeth at night? A mouth guard can help protect you from damage

Do you grind your teeth? You may not realize it, but many people unknowingly grind their teeth while they sleep at night. This can cause severe damage over time as you wear down the tooth and enamel. Dentists can recognize the affects of grinding, and often recommend getting a mouth guard to prevent further damage.

Not only can a mouth guard protect your teeth, but it can also help you sleep better and prevent snoring. A mouth guard can help align your jaw to make sure it rests in the proper position, which can help you breathe better as you sleep. With multiple benefits, a mouth guard can be sure to help at night.

Your dentist can help you get a custom mouth guard

One of the best places to get a quality mouth guard is at your dentist. They can properly examine your mouth to identify any affects of grinding or damage from a contact injury. They can also fit you with a custom mouth guard that will help protect your mouth for years to come. Some insurance plans include benefits for mouth guards. It’s good to ask your dental office to check with your carrier to see what your plan may cover for a mouth guard.

Whether you play sports or suspect you may be grinding your teeth, a mouth guard can be a great investment to help protect your teeth. While certain accidents are unavoidable, other injuries can be prevented with the proper protection. Be sure to talk to your dentist to find out if a mouth guard is right for you.

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