Do your kids need orthodontic treatments like braces?


Dental plans with orthodontic coverage

A perfect smile has become more common these days thanks to the popularity of orthodontia. It almost seems like braces for kids are a right of passage into adulthood. Many parents soon find that these sought after orthodontic services can be expensive, but dental insurance can help offset the costs of many orthodontic treatments.

Dental insurance plans for orthodontic services

Many full coverage dental plans include orthodontic services for dependent children as a covered benefit. This comes as a welcome relief to families, especially those with multiple children who may need braces. Orthodontia is often thought of as getting braces but it can entail a variety of devices such as spacers, retainers, and braces. There are also newer techniques such as plastic molded retainers to make corrections to crooked teeth.

Fortunately dental plans with orthodontic coverage will have benefits for most types of treatments offered today. Although you’ll want to review the details for any plan you’re considering, there are a few common elements to orthodontic coverage. Many dental plans will have a lifetime benefit maximum for orthodontic benefits for a member. These lifetime maximums can range from $1000 to $1500 depending on the plan. Some plans may also have a benefit limit per year, so you’ll want to compare plans to find the best fit for your family’s needs.

Orthodontic coverage is meant to help offset the cost of services

Some people may be looking for orthodontic benefits that cover services in full. However, the majority of dental plans do not work this way. Orthodontic coverage is meant to help offset the costs of the total treatment plan that can typically be more than a dental plan’s benefit limit.

With this in mind, the benefits provided by a dental plan for orthodontic services can be a vital piece of the funding for your child’s treatment plan. When coupled with other financing methods, many are able to access the treatments they need for a brand new smile.

Do dental plans provide benefits for adult orthodontia?

It’s becoming more popular for adults to seek orthodontic treatments to fix crooked teeth or bite issues that may cause pain and issues such as TMJ. However most dental plans for individuals and families only provide orthodontic benefits for dependent children under the age of 19.

Fortunately, many discount dental plans typically include a discount for adult orthodontic treatment that can be 20% or more. When compared to the overall cost of a treatment plan, this 20% discount can be close the ortho lifetime benefit of dental insurance plans for dependent children. So it’s definitely worth looking into a discount dental plan just for the ortho benefits, if you’re an adult that is seeking orthodontic treatment.

The cost of a beautiful smile…..priceless

When contemplating the pros and cons of seeking orthodontic treatment for adults or children, it’s worth considering the benefits of having services performed. For many, braces can produce a beautiful new smile that gives a huge boost in self esteem and confidence that can have a multitude of benefits for one’s life, especially for kids and teenagers.

So as we’ve discussed, when pursuing the best course of action for treatments, it can definitely help to find a good dental plan with orthodontic benefits to help offset the cost of services. And once you’ve completed the journey you’ll be glad you did it, with a big smile to boot.

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