Does Medicare cover dental implants?


Medicare and dental implants

If you’re a senior in need of dental implants, you’re probably exploring your options for coverage. Many seniors have asked if Medicare provides any coverage for dental implants or other dental treatments like bridges or dentures. We’ll answer these questions and provide some additional options you might consider for better dental coverage.

Medicare does not provide any benefits for routine dental care

Unfortunately most seniors are disappointed to learn that Medicare does not provide any coverage for major dental services. These non covered dental services include dental implants, bridges, dentures, or other routine dental care.

The only types of dental treatments that Medicare may help with are dental services performed during an inpatient hospital stay. This is due to the fact that Medicare is mostly designed to help with medical services and do not get involved with routine dental or vision care.

Seniors can get coverage for dental implants with private dental plans

If you’re a maturing adult in need of dental implants or other major dental work, there are a variety of coverage options available. You can get coverage for the dental services you need with a dental insurance plan in the private market.

Dental insurance plans for individuals, families, and seniors are available with a wide variety of top carriers including Delta Dental, Renaissance Dental, and Nationwide Insurance. Many plan options can provide dental benefits up to $3000 each year per member, and some plans have no waiting periods for major services.

At EasyDentalQuotes, we offer a wide variety of senior dental plans with no age limits that are great for seniors on Medicare. The Max Choice plans with Renaissance Dental provide access to coverage for dental implants with no waiting periods for major services. Plans with Delta Dental insurance can provide benefits for other major dental services like dentures, root canals, or bridges. It’s easy to view plans and rates just by providing your zip code.

Learn more about your dental coverage options

It’s a good idea to continue to explore your options for dental care and coverage, especially when you are in retirement on Medicare. There are a wide variety of dental plans and budget options for most people such as lower cost discount dental plans and full coverage dental insurance plans. You can check out additional articles to learn more about senior dental care. At EasyDentalQuotes, we’re available to help you find the best dental coverage to meet your needs.

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