Don’t forget dental insurance when you become Medicare eligible


Private dental insurance is important for Medicare members

Becoming eligible for Medicare can be overwhelming. With all the paperwork and choices for coverage options, the process of enrolling in Medicare can be confusing and nerve racking. One component of care that often gets overlooked is dental. Just like medical coverage is essential as we age, dental care is a vital need to maintain proper oral health.

Medicare does not cover routine dental care

It’s a surprising fact for some to learn that Medicare does not cover routine dental care. Neither Medicare Part A or B includes benefits for dental services. This is why separate dental insurance is necessary to have access to essential dental services. Fortunately seniors have great options for dental insurance in the private market.

There are great dental choices for seniors on Medicare

Today’s dental marketplace has a wide variety of great dental plan choices for seniors. As more and more members become eligible for Medicare, there is a greater need for access to dental services. Private dental insurance plans are offered by top dental companies such as Delta Dental, Renaissance Dental, and other carriers.

Many seniors prefer full coverage dental insurance plans. Most full coverage plans will include benefits for routine dental exams, as well as major dental services like root canals, crowns, and dentures. And many dental plans have no age limits or rate penalties due to age.

Stand alone dental plans are better than packaged plans

Although some Medicare supplements may include a component for basic dental care, stand alone dental insurance plans typically have better coverage. Private dental insurance plans provide a more comprehensive array of dental benefits. These individual and family plans are similar in format to the group dental coverage many people are accustomed to. Members are able to access the dental services they need and also see the dentist of their choice.

Stay with your current dentist on a private dental insurance plan

PPO dental insurance plans also include large provider networks that most likely include your existing dentist. Members can evaluate plan options at EasyDentalQuotes and use the Provider Search tool to view participating dentists in your area. We offer plans including Delta Dental’s Premier network of dentists, which is one of the largest dental networks in the country. You can always ask your dentist what plans they accept to be sure to sign up for the right one.

Keep dental coverage for a lifetime

Many people have a common goal of maintaining good oral health throughout their lifetime. Having the freedom to eat all types of foods without problems can be challenging as we age. However with consistent dental care that includes regular check up’s, along with good daily hygiene, many seniors are experiencing great oral health throughout their lifetime.

Entering the golden age of life doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the proper guidance and facts, you can find affordable access to dental care to complement your medical coverage on Medicare. Then you’ll be able to keep essential dental coverage and maintain great oral health over your lifetime.

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