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Get dental insurance without any waiting periods

Do you need major dental work and don’t have time to wait for dental coverage to go into effect? It is true that many individual or family dental insurance plans include a waiting period for major services. But there are a variety of plan options for individuals that do not include any waiting periods. With the right dental plan you can get the dental services you need, without a long wait.

Why do some dental plans have waiting periods?

Major dental work can be expensive. Root canals, crowns, or implants can be some of the most expensive dental services that are performed. This is why many dental plans include a waiting period for major services.

These plans want members to build some equity into the plan by paying monthly premiums before the plan pays a larger amount in claims for major work. This approach helps protect the insurance carriers from higher claims in relation to the premiums they receive from members.

While this approach does make sense, it does not provide a viable solution for members who need expensive dental work sooner rather than later.

Find dental insurance plans with no waiting periods

Fortunately there are a variety of dental plans that do not include any waiting periods for major services. These plans allow members to begin treatments as soon as they become active on the plan. So members can start work for services like root canals, bridges, or implants right away. Some popular plans with no waiting periods are plans with Renaissance Dental and the Delta Dental Immediate Coverage plan.

The way these plans help offset the risk to higher claims, is to allow the plans to grow in the level of benefits over time. Many plans will increase the level of coverage over the first few years, while still providing first year benefits with no wait. This plan structure encourages members to maintain coverage over a longer period of time as they receive the more comprehensive benefits.

Understand the multiple benefits of having dental insurance

It’s often helpful for members to understand the multiple benefits of having dental insurance when they need major dental work. One of the most important benefits is that dental insurance plans make benefit payments to dental providers for services. This is what makes dental insurance plans different from discount dental plans, as discount plans do not many any insurance payment to providers.

Another huge benefit of having dental insurance is the In Network discounts that the dental carriers have negotiated with dentists. When members see an In Network dentist, they are charged lower In Network amounts for services, and the plan payments are based on these contract rates. These In Network discounts can sometimes be up to 20-30% less than retail rates for members without insurance.

Many dental plans also cover the majority of routine dental services and cleanings, which encourages members to get regular dental exams that can prevent more costly work in the future.

Get major dental work done now to prevent future complications

It’s often better to address dental issues sooner rather than later. Dental problems that are left unchecked can lead to severe tooth pain or infection. While a tooth ache is bad enough, an oral infection can not only cause a tooth to be removed completely, but it can spread to other parts of the body which can lead to more severe sickness.

The good news is that with proper dental care, most dental issues can be quickly addressed to reduce the negative effects. With the right dental insurance plan with no waiting periods, members can get access to coverage to help get the dental care they need. At EasyDentalQuotes, we strive to help members find the right dental plan to get the coverage they need, without a wait.

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