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Many dental insurance plans have orthodontic benefits

Orthodontic treatments to correct mis-aligned teeth have become one of the most popular dental services. It’s only natural for teeth to have crowding issues and other problems as we grow and age that will cause an imperfect bite. Modern techniques for orthodontia have improved the results and also helped to lower costs. But many people are still in need of ways to help cover the costs of orthodontic treatments. Fortunately, many dental insurance plans include benefits for orthodontic services.

Most orthodontic benefits are for dependent children

Many full coverage dental insurance plans include benefits for orthodontic services like braces, spacers, and retainers. One key point to realize is that most dental insurance only includes orthodontic benefits for dependent children that are covered on a plan. This will usually be for kids age 18 or younger on a family dental plan. This does leave an exclusion for adult orthodontia for many dental plans.

One reason for this is that most orthodontic treatment plans are performed during the adolescent period when teeth and the jaw are growing and being fully formed. For parents of children who need orthodontic services, dental insurance plans can be a great tool to help cover the costs of getting braces or retainers. Most dental plans will have a lifetime benefit maximum of around $1000 to $2000 per dependent for orthodontia.

Adults can get orthodontic benefits with discount dental plans

So what about those who need adult orthodontic services? Fortunately many discount dental plans include benefits for adult orthodontia. Most dental discount plans have discounts up to 30% off retail rates for services.

For many orthodontic treatment plans that can cost $3000 to $5000, a 30% discount could be up to $1500 which is the equivalent of the orthodontic benefits of many dental insurance plans. These great discounts combined with the low costs of discount dental plans can make it well worth the cost to gain access to plan savings.

Dental networks include orthodontic specialists

Another great benefit of using a dental plan for orthodontic services are the large provider networks. Plans offered at EasyDentalQuotes have some of the largest provider networks in the country. Dental networks include an array of dentists, orthodontists, and other dental specialists.

Many PPO dental plans also give members the ability to see any dentist or specialist, which can be great to see the best orthodontist in your area. For adults who are utilizing a discount dental plan, it is vital to find an In Network provider for your plan, since most dental discount plans offer benefits only for participating providers.

Orthodontic benefits help offset the costs of a treatment plan

It’s also good to keep in mind that dental plans are a great way to help offset the cost of orthodontic procedures. Depending on a plan’s benefit max for orthodontia, it will only cover a portion of the overall treatment plan’s cost. Many benefits can help cover up to 30% or more of a treatment plan. Members can typically arrange other financing or payment plans for the balance of costs.

Whether you need braces or a modern technique like Invisalign, the right dental plan can help cover the cost of the services you need. Orthodontia can be a great investment to create a beautiful that can last a lifetime.

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