Great Children’s Books to Prepare Kids for the Dentist


Start preparing your toddlers for the dentist with story time books

Life with young children can be fun. It can also come with its challenges as well. But in raising kids, parents are required to introduce their children to new experiences. Some can be uncomfortable, including the first trip to the dentist. While there are many ways to help prepare kids for the dentist, one easy way is with story time books at bedtime.

Parents can use children’s books to prepare kids for the dentist

Reading to children is proven to be a vital way to help them learn, and it can also be a lot fun. While most bedtime stories can be just for fun with fairies and kingdoms and the like, don’t let the opportunity for education pass you by.

There are a variety of great books that can make the experience of visiting the dentist seem like an adventure. Show Me Your Smile! A Visit to the Dentist with Dora the Explorer is a great story that talks about Dora’s first trip to the dentist. Let’s Meet the Dentist is a fun tale about Dr. Florez and all her favorite patients. For those who like the silly side of things, Behold, No Cavities! A Visit to the Dentist with SpongeBob SquarePants talks about all the fun things you get to do when you keep your teeth clean before visiting the dentist. For older kids who may be facing some actual dental work, Max and Zoe at the Dentist shows kids how to be brave when they face some new procedures at the dental office.

There’s nothing like a good story that can create a positive sense of expectation for kids when they’re preparing for that trip to the dentist. Why not try a book to help introduce the concept of dental care.

Let your kids go with you to the dentist

Another way to help children become familiar with the dentist, is to let them come along with you for a routine visit. Often the dentist will let them sit in the chair for a moment and might even spray some water or compressed air into their mouth for fun. These first experiences can help create a positive impression for them for when they begin to have regular visits to the dentist. Just ask your dentist about it at your next visit.

Talk to pediatric dental offices about the best ways to prepare for the dentist

Pediatric dental offices can be a great resource of information for parents who are getting ready for kid’s dental care. They might recommend some of their favorite books for kids and may even have some at their office. They can also let you know the process for how they like to get kids ready for treatments. They may also let you know when the best time for a first visit would be. Don’t hesitate to visit a few pediatric dental offices to find the best fit for you and your children because you want to make sure it’s a great experience for your child.

While there are many ways to begin preparing children for dental care, bedtime story books can be a great way to introduce the concept of the dentist and dental care. For most kids, it’s all about fun and adventure, so anything that can help get them excited about a new endeavor is generally a good thing. And while you’re reading your favorite stories at bedtime, you might even have some fun yourself.

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