How dentists can reach more millennial patients


Dentists should seek to connect with millennial patients

It’s true that millennials are not afraid to spend money. Whether it’s coffee, clothes, or nice meals, younger millennials are spending record amounts on the products and services they deem valuable. The same principal can be true with dental care.

Savvy dentists can position themselves to be the ideal dental provider for younger millennial patients. We’ll discuss a few keys for dental offices that are looking to connect with millennials and build a younger patient base.

Young adults are in need of dental care

There’s no secret that everyone needs good oral care, including younger millennial patients. While young adults can forego some health checkups due to their age, the wear and tear of normal oral use creates the need for people of all ages to get consistent dental care.

Dental providers can emphasize the importance of regular dental visits that can prevent painful and costly future treatments. By highlighting the ease and speed of a basic check up, dentists can seek to get young patients in their office to receive the care they need.

Young professionals are getting access to dental coverage

As young adults exit their college years and enter the work force, many young professionals are getting access to dental coverage for the first time. Employer sponsored dental insurance is a perk for many employees, and many millennial patients are ready to put their dental coverage dollars to use. Therefore it’s important for dental offices to seek a connection with millennial patients.

One way dentists can connect with younger patients is through social media. Dental offices can look to devote more ad spend toward social media channels that younger members use such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. By using media and language that better connects with younger patients, dental providers can show they are a welcoming practice for the millennial generation.

Millennials place value on genuine, authentic relationships

Some people say it’s hard to put a price on a great dentist, especially when they help alleviate a painful oral condition. But there are other factors beyond good dental care that can appeal to younger patients. Millennial patients appreciate authentic personal relationships and this applies to their service professionals as well. Millennials will naturally gravitate to caring, relational dentists.

Dentists should always strive to communicate with their patients in a positive way, but millennial patients may need a little extra love. The most important thing dentists can do is to be open and authentic with their younger patients. Then over time, they can create genuine relationships that will last for many years.

Younger patients appreciate great environments

It’s true that many millennials love great environments. Whether it’s a coffee shop, trendy taco bar, or an indie concert, many younger patrons enjoy unique environments that are created with care and attention to detail.

While dentists may not want to remodel their entire office to cater to millennial patients, dental offices can seek to implement a style that can appeal to a broad audience including millennial patients. The main idea is to avoid the dated and sterile office environments of days past. Any design templates that are warm and inviting with the use of some natural materials should be sufficient to appeal to younger generations.

There’s great opportunity for dentists to reach millennial patients

Things change from one generation to the next, and this is why it’s important for professional service providers to adapt to the trends of younger generations. The dental professionals that recognize these trends will be able to grow their practice with a loyal, young patient base for many years to come.

Whether it’s young professionals with dental coverage or a millennial patient looking for the right connection with a dentist, there are millions of young patients waiting to be reached by dental providers. By utilizing new social media channels and updating their office layout, dental providers have a wide array to tools that can help them build a younger patient base.

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