How to avoid baby bottle tooth decay


Parents can avoid baby bottle tooth decay

Being a parent can be a daunting experience. Along with the joy and excitement of having children, it can feel overwhelming to figure out all the details of caring for their well being and even their oral health.

It’s sometimes true that parents can be unaware of certain do’s and don’ts regarding the health needs of young children. One of these involves dealing with baby bottles or sippy cups at bedtime in order to prevent what’s known as baby bottle tooth decay.

Dealing with bottles and sippy cups at bedtime

From infancy to becoming a toddler, it can be easy to take the path of least resistance when dealing with the needs of children, especially when it comes to bedtime. Sometimes parents give in to a child’s desire to go to sleep with a bottle or sippy cup in the bed, often with milk or juice.

While this can aid in getting the child to go to sleep, it can also cause problems with their growing teeth. Milk and juice breaks down in the mouth into forms of sugar. When this residue sits in the mouth and remains throughout the night, it can cause the build up of plaque and tartar in the mouth. This can lead to tooth decay that can damage their young teeth. If left unchecked, this damage could result in the loss of a tooth or the need to have it pulled.

How to prevent baby bottle tooth decay

Fortunately these negative effects can be easily avoided. The best thing is to prevent a child from having liquids in their room at bedtime. Though if it’s necessary to soothe a child, then only allow them to have water in their bottle or sippy cup. This can be an acceptable compromise.

Brushing before bedtime is also another vital part of developing good oral health from an early age. It’s good to get kids into the habit of brushing their teeth and going potty before bedtime. Once they form a good daily habit for oral hygiene, it can last for a lifetime.

Parental resources for developing great oral hygiene

It’s true that most parents are forced to learn as they go when raising young children. There’s just so much to know as kids grow from one stage to another. Thankfully there are plenty of great resources on tips for parenting when it comes to a child’s oral health.

Fortunately most parental mishaps will have minor effects on a child’s well being, but baby bottle tooth decay can be a serious problem. Thankfully it’s also an easy problem to avoid if you are made aware of the issue. With the proper resources, along with the help of dental professionals, you can be sure to help your child develop the habits for great oral hygiene and prevent baby bottle tooth decay.

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