How to find a dental plan for my favorite dentist?


Learn the steps to find the best dental plan to use at your favorite dentist

So you like your dentist? That’s a good thing right? There are quite a few people that have had the same dentist for a long time, even from their teenage or college years.

But what about when you go out on your own or if you loose other dental coverage from an employer? You probably want to find a dental plan that your dentist accepts to maintain your patient relationship. We’ll give you a few easy steps to find the right dental coverage to use at your favorite dentist.

Ask about In Network carriers
Find out if they accept Out of Network plans
Ask about perks for tenured patients
Choose the right dental plan option
Maintain a strong dental partnership

Ask your dentist’s office which dental carriers they’re contracted with

One of the first steps to identifying the right plan is to find out what dental carriers a dentist has contracted with as an In Network provider. Sometimes dentists will have a listing of carriers on their website, but you can always ask the front desk which insurance carriers they work with. Many dentists are contracted with a number of carriers for both group plans and individual or family dental plans.

The reason that you want to ask about dental carriers is that you typically get better benefits and larger discounts when you see In Network dental providers. This can help you narrow your search for the best dental plan for your dentist.

Find out if your dentist accepts Out of Network dental plans

While dental networks are important, it’s possible that your dentist might not be contracted with any dental carriers. This is alright as many established dental practices have chosen to operate as Out of Network dental providers. This allows dentists to charge the amounts they choose for services they perform.

If this is the case at your dentist, you’ll want to ask if they accept Out of Network dental plans. The majority of Out of Network dentists do accept benefits from most dental plans, and many dental offices will also file claims for their patients as a courtesy.

The main thing to be aware of is balance billing. This is where a dental office can charge for additional amounts beyond what a dental plan pays. But again, if you love your dentist, it can be worth a little extra expense to maintain your patient relationship.

See if your dentist is willing to offer you any perks as a tenured patient

As you evaluate options for dental plans to use at your favorite dentist, it can also help to ask what perks they might offer you as a long time patient. It never hurts to let the office know that you’re wanting to maintain your patient relationship, and are trying to find the best dental plan for their office.

Sometimes, dentists are willing to offer a number of perks to tenured patients such as accepting the allowable charges of an Out of Network dental plan, while writing off additional amounts. They may also be willing to waive deductibles or other fees if they have a favorable approach to established patient relationships. You never know what a dental practice may be willing to offer unless you ask.

Choose the best dental insurance plan to meet your needs

After you’ve identified the best dental carriers and insurance practices at your dentist, it’s time to find the right dental plan to suit your specific needs.

Some of the most popular plans are PPO dental plans with top carriers like Delta Dental, Renaissance Dental, and others. Typically these plans can give you the comprehensive dental benefits you need and include the flexibility to see the dentist of your choice.

It’s easy to get online dental quotes with services like You can compare plan benefits and identify the best coverage and cost to take care of your needs.

Maintain great oral health with a long lasting dental partnership

Finding a great dentist is not always easy. But when you have a dentist they you love, it’s really important to maintain your relationship as a patient. That’s why finding the best dental plan to use at your favorite dentist can be a life saver. Hopefully it can help you prolong a great dental partnership that will maintain long lasting oral health.

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