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Child only dental plans for kids

Are you looking for a child only dental plan? If you already have dental coverage for yourself and just need a dental plan for your minor children, a child only dental plan can meet your child’s dental care needs. While pediatric dental plans can be harder to find, we are pleased to be able to offer you some good options and advice for finding the right solution to your unique situation.

Do most dental plans cover children?

So what’s the deal with child only dental plans? Don’t all dental insurance plans cover kids? It’s true that most dental plans will cover minor children, however most plans require the primary policy holder to be 18 or older.

Since most dental plans require an adult to be on the plan, it can be a challenge to find a dental plan that allows the primary member to be a minor under the age of 18. The good news is that there are dental plan options for children.

Child only dental plans

At EasyDentalQuotes, we’re pleased to offer several dental plan options that allow for child only policies. Currently dental plans with Amfirst Insurance, Standard Life Insurance Co, and Dentegra offer a child only enrollment feature.

Since child only plans require an adult to handle the enrollment and payment for the child policyholders, we recommend that prospective members contact us directly to learn the best steps to enroll any dependent children in a plan.

Consider dual dental coverage for parents

While there are some good options for child only dental plans, it sometimes makes sense for at least one parent to sign up for a plan as the primary member, even if they already have other dental coverage.

Most dental insurance plans allow for coordination of benefits that allow members to carry secondary dental insurance. If you already have dental coverage through an employer, then you could also carry additional dental coverage for you and your children to get extra benefits.

This strategy allows you to consider more dental carriers and plan options than the ones that offer child only policies. Plus depending on the size of your family, there might not be any additional cost to cover yourself.

Get the best dental care for your children

It’s true that most parents recognize the need to make sure their kids get proper dental care. When parents already have other dental coverage, child only dental plans can be a great fit to give your kids the dental coverage they need. At EasyDentalQuotes, we’re here to help you find the right plan options to meet your pediatric dental needs.

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