I missed Medicare open enrollment. Can I still get dental and vision coverage?


Understanding Medicare open enrollment options

It just came and went again… another Medicare open enrollment period. Medicare open enrollment generally runs from the middle of October to the first part of December. Once the window closes, you’ll have to wait until the next year to make certain Medicare plan changes. But what about dental and vision coverage? Can you get access to dental and vision plans outside the enrollment period? We’ll help answer this question for you.

What is Medicare open enrollment?
When can I get dental & vision coverage?
What are advantages of private dental & vision coverage?
Can I get stand alone vision coverage?

What is the Medicare open enrollment period?

The Medicare open enrollment or the annual election period is the time of year when Medicare members can make changes to Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare Part D coverage. Typical changes include adding or removing a Medicare Advantage plan or adding, adjusting, or removing a Medicare Part D plan.

Medicare Part D is the newest coverage area for prescription drugs. Medicare Advantage plans can help provide additional benefits beyond what regular Medicare includes. Some Medicare Advantage plans can also include some levels of dental and vision coverage too.

Can I get dental and vision coverage outside the open enrollment period?

Now let’s answer the main question as hand. Yes you can still get dental and vision coverage outside Medicare’s annual election period. Seniors can get private dental insurance plans with a variety of trusted carriers such as Delta Dental, Renaissance Dental, or Nationwide Insurance. These plans are available for members to enroll at anytime during the year.

What are the advantages of private dental insurance plans for seniors?

While regular Medicare does not include routine dental coverage, some Medicare Advantage plans can include various levels of dental benefits. Plans and coverage amounts can vary depending on the plan.

With a private dental insurance plan, plan benefits and coverage are designed specifically for routine dental care and popular treatments such as extractions, x-rays, crowns, dentures, and even dental implants. With online websites like EasyDentalQuotes, it’s easy to view plan benefits and rates in your area. You can sign up online in just a few simple steps.

What if I only need vision coverage?

There are also a variety of stand alone vision plans for seniors available. While there are some advantages for pairing dental and vision coverage, seniors who only need vision benefits can get access to large provider networks with VSP and Davis Vision. Typical plan benefits include an annual eye exam and benefits for either glasses or contact lenses.

Keep an eye on your dental and vision coverage needs

Medicare open enrollment is a good time to evaluate all of your health needs. Whether it’s changes to your Medicare plans or a need to add additional coverages for dental or vision services, the annual election period is a good time of year to do so.

But don’t worry, if you miss the Medicare window, you can always add vision or dental coverage at anytime during the year with a private plan. The most important thing is to be able to get access to the services you need, when you need them.

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