If you can feel build up on your teeth, it’s time for a dental cleaning


If your teeth feel weird, it’s probably time to see the dentist

We’ve all been there before. Have you ever moved your tongue around your teeth and feel the slimy build up on your teeth? Even with brushing, some of it just won’t come off. This is usually a good sign that you need a professional dental cleaning. We’ll explain why.

Plaque build up happens naturally and requires a dental exam

We use our mouths everyday. For eating and drinking, talking, chewing, breathing… you get the picture. Our mouths are usually grand central station for most people. It’s only a natural part of oral life, that plaque and food particles build up, even with daily brushing.

Even the most consistent practicers of oral hygiene can’t get to all of the hard to reach places in the mouth with brushing and flossing. That’s why a dental professional needs to perform routine dental cleanings with specialized tools to remove all of the harmful build up around your teeth and gums.

Occasional brushing can lead to tooth slime faster than frequent brushers

There are some who often forget to brush consistently. Teenagers and kids may come to mind, but busy adults often leave the house without brushing due to hectic schedules.

For those individuals, slippery teeth can happen quicker. It’s that grim that builds up and you can even feel it with your tongue. When this occurs, it’s a sure sign that you’re due for a dental cleaning. Delay will only make it worse and could lead to other dental issues that may require costly treatments.

Keep your oral hygiene in check

Our body gives us lots of signals, if we will pay attention. Whether it’s pain, irritation, or even slimy teeth, our body will let us know when it’s time to address a certain area.

It’s good to pay attention to these internal signals that can help us stay healthy and avoid more serious issues. Make it a habit to check your teeth and even better, schedule regular dental exams every six months. Then you won’t even have to deal with slimy teeth.

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