Low cost discount dental plans can be a great value


Affordable discount dental plans can be a good alternative to dental insurance

Dental services can be expensive. And it’s usually not convenient timing when you need to see the dentist. Whether it’s a tooth ache, cavity, or other issue, oral problems push us to seek treatment sooner rather than later. While the cost of more comprehensive dental insurance plans may be beyond some budgets, discount dental plans can serve as an affordable alternative to dental insurance plans.

Discount dental plans allow members to pay a reduced fee for services

Discount dental plans are different than dental insurance plans. While dental insurance plans can make a benefit payment to dental providers, discount dental plans do not make plan payments, but allow members to pay a “discounted rate” for each dental procedure they need.

Dental discount plans have a fee schedule for each procedure code that lists the reduced price that members would pay to the dentist. Often these discounts can be up to 30% lower than the average retail rates that dentists normally charge. One of the best features of dental discount plans is their low monthly cost that can often be lower than $10 a month.

Dental discount plans give access to dental services with no waiting periods

There is usually a specific reason why people need to see a dentist. Many times major work such as extractions, root canals, crowns, or bridges are needed to treat the issue that brings someone to the dentist. With many dental insurance plans, there can be a waiting period before the plan will pay anything towards major dental work.

But with discount dental plans there are no waiting periods. Once a member becomes active on a discount plan they can begin getting the dental treatments they need immediately. There are also no maximum limits or caps on the amount of dental services that you can receive. You just pay for the procedures that you need according to the price per service on the plan’s fee schedule.

Dental discount plans use specific networks of dental providers

One important feature of discount dental plans is the network of included dental providers. Each dental discount plan will have a specific network of dentists that members must use in order to get access to the plan’s discounts. Most discount dental plans do not have any Out of Network benefits.

So it’s important to check the dental providers that are in the network in your area when you’re considering a plan. The goods news is that most plans have very large provider networks with great choices of dentists in most areas.

Get access to affordable dental care with Careington

At EasyDentalQuotes, we make dental plans easy. That’s why we offer great discount dental plans with Careington Dental. Careington has some of the largest dental networks in the country and offers plans with large discounts on the most popular dental services.

They also offer plan options with vision discounts as well. Plans start below $10 a month in most areas across the country. While there are many great options for discount dental plans and other DHMOs, we recommend plans with Careington as a great option for low cost dental discount plans.

While the cost of dental care can be expensive, fortunately there are a variety of ways to get access to the dental services you need at an affordable price. With options from comprehensive dental insurance plans to lower cost dental discount plans, you can easily choose the best plan to meet your dental care needs.

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