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Mary J.

We were searching for a plan with no waiting periods and found one with Delta and quickly enrolled online. And the dentist I wanted was already in the network so it was easy to schedule my first appointment.

Mary J.

Sarah A.

We found all the plan info was clearly presented and after comparing plans and deciding we were able to enroll online and schedule an appointment with our dentist right way.

Sarah A.

Alex B.

I needed dental implants and found a plan with Renaissance Dental that provided covered benefits for my treatment. My search for the right plan paid off and I can’t believe my new smile.

Alex B.

Lauren C.

I needed to get my eyes checked and was looking for the right vision plan. On the website I found one with VSP that covered my exam and gave me benefits for new contacts. Now I’m glad to be seeing things more clearly.

Lauren C.

Preston R.

I asked my dentist where to find an insurance plan they would accept and they told me about the website. I searched for plans and found one that fit my budget and I was able to get to work done my dentist had recommended.

Preston R.

Kristi A.

After waiting too long to see a dentist, I finally found an affordable plan on the website and enrolled and got much needed treatment that removed my tooth pain. So glad I found this website.

Kristi A.

Jennifer S.

I had noticed my vision was getting worse especially at night. So I wanted to see an optometrist to get glasses but didn’t want to pay out of pocket. Fortunately I found a plan with VSP Vision on the site and it covered by exam and had a copay for my glasses. A really good deal.

Jennifer S.

Why customers choose us

We offer quality insurance plans from top carriers with some of the largest provider networks in the country.


Oregon Dental Insurance plans

Dental insurance in Oregon does not have to be expensive or difficult. With EasyDentalQuotes, you can easily purchase an affordable dental plan online with a wide range of options suited for your needs.

PPO Dental plans for Oregon

Families and individuals in Oregon can take advantage of our full coverage dental insurance plans. We make the best OR dental plans available by teaming up with the top dental carriers such as Nationwide Insurance and Renaissance Dental. Our most popular PPO dental plans offer basic services, which includes regular dental exams with x-rays if needed. Full coverage dental plans also include benefits for dentures, bridges, and crowns. Our Renaissance Dental plans include coverage for dental implants.


OR Provider Networks of Dentists

EasyDentalQuotes offers plans with extensive dental networks across Oregon. You can search for dentists by zip code to find one near you or further customize your visit to search for dental specialists. Families with small children will enjoy choosing a pediatric dental provider with themed offices and energetic staff. Dental visits can actually become fun for even the most apprehensive of kids.

Vision Insurance Plans in Oregon

Another money saving feature is the ability to include a vision plan with your dental insurance. Like our other provider options, we only partner with the best OR vision insurance providers including VSP and Davis Vision. The plans include standard office visits and materials’ benefits for contact lenses or glasses.

With so many plans to choose from, you will find a plan to suit your needs. Get a quote with EasyDentalQuotes to begin your journey to healthy teeth and eyes, and you will soon see why we make dental insurance easy.

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Our Guarantee
We stand by our products and services to guarantee your satisfaction. If you decide to cancel your plan for any reason within 30 days of enrollment and no claims are filed, then a full refund will be made.

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