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At EasyDentalQuotes, we’re uniquely positioned to be a perfect partner for all types of dental providers. Let us show you how we can partner together for a “win, win” solution to increase your case acceptance and generate more insured patients for your practice.

  •   Increase your case acceptance for recommended treatments
  •   Grow your patient base of insured members
  •   Gain a trusted resource to refer patients seeking dental insurance
  •   Access free tools and resources to highlight our partnership

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Are you a dental provider? We’re the perfect partner for you

At EasyDentalQuotes, our mission is to help all individuals, families, and seniors find the best dental coverage to meet their dental care needs. But we know this goal isn’t possible if they don’t have access to great dentists and dental providers, just like you.

With this goal in mind, we’d love to partner with your dental practice. We’ve found that every dental office has a population of current or prospective patients who are looking for dental insurance. That’s where EasyDentalQuotes comes in.

We can assist patients to find the right plan that they can use for dental services at your dental practice, with benefits payable to your office. We offer a variety of top PPO dental plans including Delta Dental, Renaissance Dental, and others that allow members to see any dentist, including your office.

Increase your case acceptance for recommended dental treatments

Have you ever had an uninsured patient decline recommended dental treatments due to the cost? At EasyDentalQuotes, we’d love to help increase your case acceptance by helping your uninsured patients get a quality dental plan for recommended treatments at your dental office.

We have dental plans with no waiting periods for major services and even coverage for speciality services like dental implants or orthodontia. It’s easy to add EasyDentalQuotes as another financing option in addition to services like Care Credit. Plus with dental insurance, members can continue using their plan for additional future services at your office. We’re the perfect partner for your success.


Let’s work together… it’s easy

If you’re the office manager of a dental office, dental specialist, orthodontist, or even a vision provider, we’d love to send more insured patients to your practice. All you need to do is direct any patients seeking a dental plan to Here’s a few ideas:

  •   Add a button on your own website directed to
  •   Request your front office staff to direct patients seeking dental insurance to
  •   Contact Us to receive custom branded info to use for marketing

Feel free to contact us and we can assist with the best ways that we could partner with your practice. We offer branded info, logos, and quote buttons. We can even develop custom landing pages specific to your practice if you like.

It’s a simple idea for partnership. You can direct members to us, so that we can help them sign up for a great dental plan and then we send them right back to you… with dental coverage. It’s that easy.

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Mary J.

I was looking for a Delta Dental Premier plan like I used to have at work and found one so I could keep using the same dentist that I’ve seen for years.

Mary J.

Sarah A.

I needed dental and vision combo and signed up for Delta Dental with VSP vision. Easy steps to sign up and got my confirmation email immediately.

Sarah A.

Alex B.

Needed dental implants and found out they are expensive. I found a plan with Renaissance Dental to help offset my costs to get implants.

Alex B.

Lauren C.

I called and spoke with EasyDental and the rep helped direct me to the best plan for me. Very nice to work with and got a plan with Delta Premier.

Lauren C.

Preston R.

I needed a new dental plan. This website made it simple to sign up for a Delta plan like I used to have at work.

Preston R.

Kristi A.

I wanted a plan with no waiting periods and found one with Renaissance Dental to help pay for my root canal and other major work.

Kristi A.

Jennifer S.

I don’t understand insurance very well, but their customer service helped explain the plans and I got one with Delta Dental that includes my dentist.

Jennifer S.

Our Guarantee

We stand by our products and services to guarantee your satisfaction. If you decide to cancel your plan for any reason within 30 days of enrollment and no claims are filed, then a refund will be made.


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