Should You use a Pediatric Dentist for your Kids?


Why Pediatric Dentists make a Difference with Kids

Your First Experience

Can you remember the first time you went to the dentist as a child? If you’re anywhere close to my age (not a millennial), then it probably wasn’t to a pediatric dental office. For me, it was a strange new place with weird sounds like the high pitch drills and the sucking hose that wanted to get water from someone’s mouth. Needless to say, for a kid it was an intimidating place that invited a healthy dose of trepidation and maybe a little fear.

This is a familiar scene to many people and the seeds of some negative perceptions of the dental experience of some that began at childhood. But it doesn’t have to be this way for your kids.

A Pediatric Dentist is Specially Trained to Work with Kids

One of the great aspects of pediatric dental specialists is that they are focused on meeting the needs of children. They are trained to understand the mentality of kids and use tools and communication techniques to help avoid negativity. They seek to foster a fun environment that creates a positive experience for kids from the very beginning of their dental experience.

Our Experience with a Pediatric Dental Office

Our first experience at a pediatric dental office was great. The dentist was fun and lively. He was quick to introduce himself to our daughter and she willingly gave him a big “High 5.” Our daughter also took notice of her favorite cartoon characters on the walls and other fun things throughout the office. She was put at ease and willingly cooperated with Dr. Brian to let him take a look at her big shiny teeth. Before she knew it, the visit was over and she had won the privilege to choose a prize from the treasure box. With a big smile, she confirmed our visit had been a success.

A Parental Resouce

With repeated stories and experiences like our own, pediatric dentistry helps to create positive experiences with kids that will last long past their childhood. Along with these kid friendly benefits, pediatric dentist also have extensive knowledge of the common issues and needs of children as they age. They are quick to recognize potential issues caused by pacifiers, thumb sucking, or other habits that could create future problems. A pediatric dentist can also recognize when orthodontic services may be needed. They are also a great resource for parents who have questions about the best ways to create the daily habits of brushing and basic dental hygiene. Truly the positive benefits of pediatric dentistry go beyond simply having balloons and colorful walls.

Dental Insurance Plans for Pediatric Dentists

The goods news is that many dental plans and networks include a large number of pediatric dentists. Often the provider search tools provided by dental insurance plans, will allow you to search specifically for pediatric dentists who are In Network in your area. Also, many Open Choice or Indemnity plans will allow you to see any dentist even if they are Out of Network with most plans. EasyDentalQuotes has a quoting tool that allows you to search for dentists and pediatric dentists in your area. So with a little research and the right dental insurance plan, you can easily find coverage for a pediatric dental office in your area.

A Healthy Life

Most parents have a desire to help their kids have great life experiences while teaching them to be responsible and healthy. Dental health and hygiene are a part of this greater life view and a relationship with a pediatric dental specialist can aid your efforts with your kids. With a growing number of pediatric specialist in the country, they are becoming a great option for parents and the benefits for kids are even greater. So if you have young children and starting to think about a dentist, it may be a good idea to search for a pediatric dentist in your area.

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