Poorly fit mouth guards can be counter productive


Use a customized professional mouth guard for better results

If you suffer from tooth grinding while you sleep, you may have thought about using a mouth guard. Mouth guards can be a great way to reduce the negative effects of grinding your teeth at night. However, you’ll want to be sure to use the correct type of mouth guard or you could make your issue worse.

Poorly fitted mouth guards can create problems

Some patients have sought to deal with tooth grinding by buying an off the shelf mouth guard that may not be designed for use while sleeping. There is a big difference between mouth guards designed for sports activities and those to be worn while sleeping.

Some sports mouth guards can have a bigger fit and are designed to protect the teeth and jaw from injury due to physical contact. Even though some of these guards allow you to fit them to your own bite, they are not recommended to use during sleep.

A mouth guard that is not properly fitted can actually increase the amount of grinding at night. If the guard is too large or poorly fitted, it can cause your jaw to clinch and chew on the guard. While the guard can help protect your teeth, it can also harm your jaw from increased grinding at night.

Get a professionally fitted mouth guard from your dentist

A custom fit mouth guard that’s provided by a dental office is always a much better solution for patients that are experiencing tooth grinding. These mouth guards are specifically designed to protect your teeth, while not increasing the amount of grinding while you sleep.

It’s important for your jaw to be set in the correct position while sleeping that will not encourage grinding. A properly fitted mouth guard can make a huge difference in your oral health and help improve your sleep.

Ask your dental provider about custom mouth guards

So if you’ve suspected that you may be grinding your teeth at night while sleeping, it’s a good idea to talk with your dentist about it. They can often check your mouth and see if there are effects of tooth grinding.

Then they could recommend the best type of mouth guard that could be a perfect fit for your mouth. While they may cost a bit more than an over the counter mouth guard, a custom fitted mouth guard from your dental provider can be the best solution to protect your mouth from tooth grinding.

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