See Out of Network dentists with PPO dental plans


You can see any dentist with a PPO dental plan

Some things are worth being picky over, especially when it’s an important priority for you. This is often the case when choosing a dentist because it’s important to be able to see a quality dental provider that makes you feel comfortable.

Fortunately, PPO dental insurance plans can allow you the freedom to see the dentist of your choice. Let’s explore the many advantages of PPO dental plans.

Get access to popular dental providers with PPO dental insurance

PPO dental insurance plans allow members to visit any dental professional as they provide both In Network and Out of Network plan benefits. It’s the Out of Network feature that sets PPO dental plans apart from other In Network only plans. While most dental plans include a network of preferred dental providers, most PPO dental plans will pay plan benefits to any dentist regardless if they have joined their network or not.

The best dentists may not choose to join many dental networks

It’s becoming more common for established dental practices to contract with fewer dental networks. Some may only sign agreements with top networks such as the Delta Dental Premier network, and others may not contract with any networks.

Many times these can be some of the most sought after dentists in a city because they’ve built a reputation of excellent patient care and have long lasting patient relationships. Regardless of which networks a dentist may be contracted with, you can still visit the best dentists with a PPO plan.

Most dental offices will file Out of Network claims for members

The good news is that it is a common practice for most dental offices to file dental insurance claims for patients, regardless if they’re a participating provider or not. Dental providers do this as a service to members, but also to be able to receive the insurance payments from PPO dental plans.

This makes it simple and easy for members as most dental providers take care of the claims filing process for insurance, and members can wait to pay any amounts once they receive the explanation of benefits in the mail.

Negotiate with providers to avoid balance billing

One of the main differences with how Out of Network providers handle insurance payments is known as balance billing. In Network providers agree to accept an insurance company’s fee schedule and reimbursement amounts for each procedure. But because Out of Network providers have not agreed to any specific amounts, they are free to bill for additional charges if they feel an insurance payment is not sufficient to cover their cost of services.

While some dental offices may be satisfied with an insurance plan’s payment, others may want to bill any differences to the member. This is where members can try to negotiate with dental providers to agree on an acceptable amount. It never hurts to ask dental offices if they can just accept the payments from the insurance carrier. Or members can ask for a discount on the amounts the provider is trying to bill a member for charges beyond insurance payments. Savvy customers will find that many providers are willing to accept lesser up front payments without a wait, versus full payments made over time.

PPO dental plans give great coverage with flexibility

PPO dental plans can be a great option for individuals and families because they provide comprehensive dental benefits with the flexibility of provider choice. Members can receive the vital dental care they need from the dental professionals they want to see most. Remember, it’s ok to be picky when you have the flexibility to find the right dentist for you.

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