Don’t forget dental insurance when you become Medicare eligible


Private dental insurance is important for Medicare members Becoming eligible for Medicare can be overwhelming. With all the paperwork and choices for coverage options, the process of enrolling in Medicare can be confusing and nerve racking. One component of care that often gets overlooked is dental. Just like medical coverage is essential as we age, […]

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Does Medicare cover dental?


Trying to find out if Medicare covers dental care? If you’re approaching retirement age or your eligibility for Medicare, you’ve probably realized there’s a lot to learn about your benefits for retirement. It can be a confusing process for some to learn about Medicare Part A for hospitals and Part B for doctors or Part […]

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A Guide to the Best Dental Plans for Seniors


Are you a Senior who needs Dental Care? It is a rewarding time for those who reach an age for retirement. But as with many new seasons there can be some unexpected experiences along the way. If you are a senior or are approaching retirement you may be surprised to find out that Medicare does […]

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