When Should I Get Dental Insurance?


Ever Wonder When You should get dental insurance?

You can actually choose to get Dental Insurance Now or Later

Thankfully dental insurance is not like fire insurance. You don’t have to get it before your house catches on fire. Maybe that’s a strange analogy but it does bear some truth. With many insurance services like auto, homeowners, or life insurance, those policies will not pay for events or the results of actions that have already happened. Hence, your homeowners insurance that you just took out today won’t pay for the fire damage that happened last week. However, dental insurance is different.

Dental Insurance Benefits… for the Past, Present, or Future

Dental insurance can benefit those who may already have some dental issues or symptoms. These issues or symptoms are often the reason many people start to consider getting a dental plan. For most common dental treatments and services, benefits are already included in the basic coverage of a new dental plan. So members can begin getting services to help resolve their symptoms once they start their dental plan. Though, some plans may have some waiting periods before they begin to pay for major services. However, there are some Immediate Coverage plans that have no waiting periods and allow members to have access to all plan benefits from day one.

Get Dental Insurance Now as you Prepare for Future Services

Sometimes you’re able to prepare for anticipated dental services. If the need is not immediate, it can be a good idea to schedule dental services and treatments over an extended period of time. Many dental plans have benefits that increase over time. Some plans have annual benefit maximums that grow each year so you have more benefits to use. Also some members may require a number of services and reach their max benefit for the year, so you can actually get more plan benefits if you spread treatments out over time.

Have Protection from Unexpected Events

Sometimes major dental work is unexpected. Whether as a result of an accident or other trauma, many people face the prospect of expensive dental services that they have not anticipated. Dental insurance helps to protect members who may need unexpected dental treatments due to an injury or even issues from a cracked tooth or jaw pain. The basic nature of insurance is to help protect members from unexpected events and dental insurance can do this as well.

No Time like the Present

So when questioning the right time to get dental insurance, it’s really up to you. Most people can benefit from getting a plan at any time, whether you need services now or anticipate a need in the future. And the longer you have a dental plan, typically the better benefits you’ll receive. With EasyDentalQuotes, we work hard to make dental insurance easy. So you can get a dental plan today, whether your house is on fire or not.

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