Should I try a new dentist?


It never hurts to check out a new dentist

Things can grow stale over time. It’s only natural. Sometimes doing the same thing over and over again can become routine and lose its original appeal. The same experience can happen with your dentist too. If you’re thinking about mixing things up, we’ll give you a few reasons why it can be a good idea to make a change with your dental provider.

A new dentist can give a fresh look at your oral care

Your current dentist probably hasn’t done anything wrong. However it can be beneficial for another set of trained eyes to look over your mouth. Everyone is different, and a good dental professional will be able to give you their opinion of your current oral state.

Just like with our own kids, we fail to notice them growing bigger because we see them frequently. The same can be true when you’ve seen the same dentist over a period of time. They may have formed a general opinion of your oral health that they’ll rely on without noticing the subtle changes that may be occuring.

A different dentist may use other techniques that could benefit you

Some dentists stick to their tried and true methods of practice. Other dentists keep up with current trends, and are constantly adapting the dental techniques and tools that they use.

If you try a new dentist, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that they use a different method of care that may be easier than what you’re accustomed to.

Some dental hygienist use water pic tools, while others prefer a metal pic to scrape tartar from your teeth. Digital x-rays are also a newer tool that some dentists use that can be easier than typical bite wing x-rays.

By utilizing a new dental provider, you can often be introduced to new methods of care that can benefit your oral health.

You could find out your original dentist was the right place for you

There’s a saying that says, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” Just like with dating, sometimes when you try other dental providers, you may find out that you were in the right place after all. That’s not a bad thing, because then you’ll know that’s the place for you to be.

But if you never try other dental options, you may not know if there are better dental practices that you’ll enjoy. The most important thing is to be with the right dentist to meet your specific needs. When you’re in the right dental practice and get regular dental treatments, you can be sure to keep your oral health right on track.

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