Don’t forget dental insurance when you become Medicare eligible


Private dental insurance is important for Medicare members Becoming eligible for Medicare can be overwhelming. With all the paperwork and choices for coverage options, the process of enrolling in Medicare can be confusing and nerve racking. One component of care that often gets overlooked is dental. Just like medical coverage is essential as we age, […]

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Why is Delta Dental one of the best dental insurance carriers?


Delta Dental is one of the top dental carriers in the country Delta Dental is the largest dental insurance carrier in the country. With over 74 million active members, Delta Dental has grown to become one of the most popular dental insurance carriers in the US and Puerto Rico. One reason for Delta’s success relates […]

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5 Keys to Finding the Best Dental Insurance Plan


Finding the Best Dental Insurance Plan Finding the best dental insurance plan can be a challenge. But there are ways to narrow down your search to find the very best dental plan to meet your needs. Let’s take a look at 5 keys to finding the best dental insurance plan. Determine what dental services you […]

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The best dental carriers for individual dental plans


Are you trying to find a plan with a top dental carrier? Everyone wants the best, right? And it’s no different with dental insurance too. While it’s hard to pick a clear winner from top companies like Delta Dental, Nationwide Insurance, Renaissance Dental, Careington, and others, we’ll take a look at some key criteria that […]

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A Guide to the Best Dental Plans for Seniors


Are you a Senior who needs Dental Care? It is a rewarding time for those who reach an age for retirement. But as with many new seasons there can be some unexpected experiences along the way. If you are a senior or are approaching retirement you may be surprised to find out that Medicare does […]

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I need major dental work now. Can dental insurance help?


What can you do when you need dental work immediately? Ouch! You just bit something too hard and injured your tooth. You’re in pain and make a trip to the dentist. Now comes the sticker shock. They say you need a root canal and a crown or dental implant. Thousands of dollars that you don’t […]

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