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Get help with orthodontic costs with dental insurance


Many dental insurance plans have orthodontic benefits Orthodontic treatments to correct mis-aligned teeth have become one of the most popular dental services. It’s only natural for teeth to have crowding issues and other problems as we grow and age that will cause an imperfect bite. Modern techniques for orthodontia have improved the results and also […]

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Don’t forget dental insurance when you become Medicare eligible


Private dental insurance is important for Medicare members Becoming eligible for Medicare can be overwhelming. With all the paperwork and choices for coverage options, the process of enrolling in Medicare can be confusing and nerve racking. One component of care that often gets overlooked is dental. Just like medical coverage is essential as we age, […]

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Low cost discount dental plans can be a great value


Affordable discount dental plans can be a good alternative to dental insurance Dental services can be expensive. And it’s usually not convenient timing when you need to see the dentist. Whether it’s a tooth ache, cavity, or other issue, oral problems push us to seek treatment sooner rather than later. While the cost of more […]

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Why is Delta Dental one of the best dental insurance carriers?


Delta Dental is one of the top dental carriers in the country Delta Dental is the largest dental insurance carrier in the country. With over 74 million active members, Delta Dental has grown to become one of the most popular dental insurance carriers in the US and Puerto Rico. One reason for Delta’s success relates […]

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4 ways to cover the cost of Dental Implants


You can use a variety of methods to help pay for dental implants Dental implants are quickly becoming an extremely popular treatment for people who need a permanent solution to their dental problems. The good news is that with modern implant techniques, patients who previously had to rely on temporary solutions like glued bridges or […]

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