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What’s the difference between a deductible and copay?

deductible vs copay

Insurance deductibles and copays explained Insurance can be confusing. It’s no surprise that people can be easily confused between common insurance terms. For example, deductibles and copays are often mistaken to be the same thing. We’ll take a look to explain the difference between insurance deductibles and copays. Insurance deductibles are met first Most insurance […]

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How would Medicare for All affect dental insurance?


Learn how Medicare for All could affect dental plans It’s that time again, campaign season for the upcoming elections in 2020. As we approach the election season, there are many presidential candidates and members of Congress who are supporting a new Medicare for All program. We’ll take a brief look at what is proposed and […]

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What is a deductible?


Learn more about insurance deductibles If you’ve ever had an insurance policy or are even somewhat familiar with insurance plans, you’ve probably heard the term deductible. Even though it may be a familiar term, many people are still confused on what an insurance deductible is. We’ll try to bring some clarity to this basic insurance […]

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Can I have secondary dental insurance?


Have you considered secondary dental insurance? Secondary insurance policies are fairly common with health insurance and other types of personal insurance, but you may have wondered about the need for secondary dental insurance. Some people have asked if it’s possible to carry two insurance policies for dental services. We’ll answer these questions and see what […]

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What is an EOB?


Learn how to understand your Explanation of Benefits If you’ve ever dealt with medical or dental claims, you’ve probably encountered Explanation of Benefits or EOB’s. While they may seem difficult to read at first glance, they’re really not hard to decipher once you break them down. Let’s take closer look at how to properly read […]

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Dental insurance claims… explained


Learn how to easily read dental claims and EOBs Insurance claims can be confusing sometimes. It doesn’t matter if it’s for medical, home & auto, or even dental, understanding insurance claims can seem difficult. However, with a little explanation, we can help you gain a better understanding of how dental insurance claims work, and give […]

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