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Can I have secondary dental insurance?


Have you considered secondary dental insurance? Secondary insurance policies are fairly common with health insurance and other types of personal insurance, but you may have wondered about the need for secondary dental insurance. Some people have asked if it’s possible to carry two insurance policies for dental services. We’ll answer these questions and see what […]

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What is an EOB?


Learn how to understand your Explanation of Benefits If you’ve ever dealt with medical or dental claims, you’ve probably encountered Explanation of Benefits or EOB’s. While they may seem difficult to read at first glance, they’re really not hard to decipher once you break them down. Let’s take closer look at how to properly read […]

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Dental insurance claims… explained


Learn how to easily read dental claims and EOBs Insurance claims can be confusing sometimes. It doesn’t matter if it’s for medical, home & auto, or even dental, understanding insurance claims can seem difficult. However, with a little explanation, we can help you gain a better understanding of how dental insurance claims work, and give […]

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When Should I Get Dental Insurance?


Ever Wonder When You should get dental insurance? You can actually choose to get Dental Insurance Now or Later Thankfully dental insurance is not like fire insurance. You don’t have to get it before your house catches on fire. Maybe that’s a strange analogy but it does bear some truth. With many insurance services like […]

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Common Insurance Terms…Deciphered to Easily Understand


Why Is Insurance So Confusing? Do you know the expression “sounds Greek to me?” Well that’s how most people feel when it comes to insurance terminology. Even terminology is an unnecessarily big word. How about insurance words? That’s better. We’re going to try to break the code language of insurance and help explain things in […]

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