How to avoid baby bottle tooth decay


Parents can avoid baby bottle tooth decay Being a parent can be a daunting experience. Along with the joy and excitement of having children, it can feel overwhelming to figure out all the details of caring for their well being and even their oral health. It’s sometimes true that parents can be unaware of certain […]

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TrumpCare could affect dental coverage for children


Dental care for children could be hindered by new Trump Administration policies Changes are coming fast in Washington D.C. There has been a lot of talk about repealing and replacing Obamacare. While there are many competing plans and theories about what will replace Obamacare if it’s repealed, one seldom mentioned aspect is pediatric dental. Let’s […]

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Do your kids need orthodontic treatments like braces?


Dental plans with orthodontic coverage A perfect smile has become more common these days thanks to the popularity of orthodontia. It almost seems like braces for kids are a right of passage into adulthood. Many parents soon find that these sought after orthodontic services can be expensive, but dental insurance can help offset the costs […]

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My Child’s First Visit to the Dentist


The First Visit to a Pediatric Dentist Most new parents have questions about what’s best for their child. As each new stage of development approaches, new questions arise. The same is true of dental care as children grow. For most children, their first visit to the dentist should be between six months of age and […]

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