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Are you trying to find a plan with a top dental carrier?

Everyone wants the best, right? And it’s no different with dental insurance too. While it’s hard to pick a clear winner from top companies like Delta Dental, Nationwide Insurance, Renaissance Dental, Careington, and others, we’ll take a look at some key criteria that you should consider when choosing a dental carrier for individual or family coverage.

Individual plan differences
Brand name dental carriers
Compare dental benefits and coverage
Compare Provider Networks
Compare potential Waiting periods

Individual Dental plans are different from Group Dental plans

It is important to note that there are really two different categories of dental plans – Group Dental plans and Individual or Family Dental plans. Group dental plans are offered as an employee benefit by some employers, while individual and family dental plans are available to anyone regardless of employment or other status.

With these differences in mind, there are some dental carriers that only offer group coverage and do not offer individual plans. Though some carriers like Delta Dental, offer both group and individual dental plans. It’s good to keep this in mind when searching for an individual dental plan, as the carrier you may have had through an employer may not be available in the individual market. Regardless, there are plenty of great carrier options to choose from for individual or family dental insurance.

Some people prefer recognized dental carriers like Delta Dental and Nationwide Insurance

In business, a company’s name and branding matters. That’s why so many companies spend lots of money on advertising so that you know that Nationwide is……. on your side. For many people there can be a comfort factor with choosing a reputable and recognized insurance provider.

And it’s hard not to agree. Many times the reasons that top companies like Delta Dental, Nationwide Insurance, and others have greater visibility is because they’ve done a great job serving their customers. While it may not be the most important factor, name recognition with an insurance company can be important for some people.

The strength of dental benefits and coverage is important when choosing a carrier

Often, a more important factor when choosing a dental company is the strength of the plan benefits and coverage. When shopping for cars, some people want to look at what’s under the hood. Comparing the horsepower, fuel efficiency, and safety features can be important criteria for comparing cars.

But it’s also similar with dental insurance plans. Some of the major coverage differences are the annual benefit maximums, levels of coverage for specific service categories, provider networks, and plan costs. We’ll take a look at some of these in greater detail, but it can be a good idea to take a big picture view of these various factors when comparing dental plans and carriers.

Sometimes you may get access to stronger benefits or other coverage advantages with a carrier like Renaissance Dental, Amfirst Insurance or Standard Life dental, even though they are not household names like other companies.

You should compare Provider Networks for dental carriers

Many people want to see a specific dentist. While most PPO dental plans allow you to see any dentist you wish, there are always advantages to seeing a dentist who is In-Network with a dental plan. This is why is makes sense to do provider searches with different dental carriers to see what dentists participate in their networks.

Some carriers like Delta Dental develop and maintain their own provider networks of dentists. While other carriers like Renaissance Dental, Nationwide and others will utilize a combination of different dental provider networks like the Dentemax network, Maximum Care network, or other national provider networks.

There are advantages to both approaches but it’s important to remember that every provider network is different and some are larger than others. The strength of a carriers provider network could make a difference as you compare between plan alternatives and search to see if your dentist is In-Network.

Some Individual Dental plans have waiting periods…but others do not

As mentioned before, there are differences between group and individual dental plans. One difference for those who are accustomed to group dental coverage is that some individual dental plans have waiting periods for major services. The basic rational is that in a group plan, the risk of higher costs and claims are spread out over an entire group of people, while with an individual plan the risk can be greater.

Thus some plans encourage members to build equity into their plan over a period of time before it begins to pay out larger claim amounts. For some people this is not a problem as they can use the plan’s basic benefits for cleanings, exams, and other services. But what if you need major treatments like a root canal, crown, or dental implant right away?

The goods news is that not all individual dental plans have waiting periods. There are some plans with carriers like Delta Dental and Renaissance Dental that do not have waiting periods. It’s yet another factor to consider when choosing the best dental plan and carrier for you.

So the best dental carrier for individual and family plans is…..

Well as mentioned earlier, it’s difficult to determine the absolute best dental carrier for individual dental plans because there are so many important factors to consider. People have different needs and circumstances, so the best fit for a dental plan and carrier can vary.

You should consider all of the important criteria such as name recognition, plan benefits, and provider networks, in order to determine that you’re choosing the best plan for you. At EasyDentalQuotes, we believe that if you consider these top factors you’ll be able to make the right carrier choice to meet your dental care needs.

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