Top 10 dental insurance questions… answered


Get answers to the most common questions about dental insurance

So you’ve got questions about dental insurance? Well we’ve got some answers. Let’s dive into some of the most common questions that many people have.

Why do I need dental insurance?
Do I have to get a dental plan?
What type of dental plan do I need?
Why are PPO dental plans popular?
Do I have to stay In-Network for dentists?
Do dental plans have any waiting periods?
Do dental plans cover dental implants?
Does dental insurance cover all costs?
How often can I see the dentist?
Where can I buy dental insurance?

Why do I need dental insurance?

This is a great question. Dental insurance can benefit most people who plan to take care of their teeth by regularly seeing a dentist. Dental plans allow you to see a dentist routinely for check ups, and also help pay for major treatments like root canals or crowns which can be expensive. Dental plans also have the advantage of offering provider networks, procedure discounts, and other helpful features.

What if I don’t have any insurance? Can I still see a dentist?

Yes. Most dentists will allow members to pay for services on a cash basis. While basic exams can be manageable to pay out of pocket, many major treatments like root canals, crowns, or bridges can run into thousands of dollars and can be difficult to pay for without other assistance.

What type of dental plan should I get?

There are many types of dental plans but a few common categories. Dental insurance plans typically consist of PPO dental plans, DHMO plans, and Indemnity dental plans. PPO plans have provider networks, but generally allow members to see any dentist. DHMO plans are usually In-Network only, while Indemnity plans do not have a network and pays the same at any dental office. There are also discount dental plans that are not insurance but they give members discounts on services at In-Network dentists.

Why are PPO dental plans so popular?

PPO dental plans are probably the most common type of dental plan because they give flexibility to members to see any dentist, while also offering the advantage of seeing In-Network dentists for greater benefits. PPO dental plans are also usually considered full coverage dental plans because they typically have benefits for routine services and exams, as well as major services like crowns and extractions.

Do I have to see an In-Network dentist?

Some DHMO plans or discount dental plans require members to use an In-Network dentist in order to receive plan benefits. But PPO dental plans and Indemnity plans allow members to also see Out of Network dentists.

Do all plans have waiting periods for major services?

It is common for some individual dental plans to have waiting periods for major services. However, there are certain plans and carriers that offer plan options with no waiting periods. Some plans with Delta Dental and Renaissance Dental offer no waiting periods for major services like crowns and root canals.

Will dental insurance help me pay for dental implants?

Some dental plans will have coverage for dental implants, but many individual plans do not offer benefits for implants. So it’s important to check plan details to make sure coverage is offered if you need implants. Renaissance Dental plans do offer coverage for dental implants.

Why doesn’t dental insurance cover all expenses after a deductible like health insurance?

Dental insurance is different than health insurance. Dental insurance plans typically have annual benefit maximums ranging from $1000-$3000 per member per year. Health insurance plans usually have unlimited maximums though with a much higher monthly cost. In a way, dental plans are designed to help offset the cost of care, while medical plans generally cover a greater portion of costs.

How often can I use my dental plan to see a dentist?

Most dental plans have benefits that allow members to visit the dentist every 6 months. Though some major treatments require multiple visits after the regular exam which is allowed by most plans.

Where can I purchase dental insurance?

Some people obtain dental insurance through their employers, while others find individual or family dental plans in the open market. It’s becoming easier to find and compare plans with online quote engine sites like .

Have more questions?

Well we’ve touched on some popular questions that many have asked. Though there are countless more questions that can be answered. Take a look at our Dental Blog with articles on many popular dental topics and our FAQ page. Or feel free to contact one of our dental specialists who can answer any specific questions you may have. At EasyDentalQuotes, we make dental insurance easy.

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  • If I have dental coverage during the time of my procedure, but decide to quit my job a week later. Are they legally responsible to cover the quoted amount?

    • Easy Dental Quotes /

      Hello. For most dental insurance plans, if a policy is active on the date a service is performed, then those eligible services are eligible for coverage, even if the plan is cancelled at a later date. Thanks!

  • Earline Brady /

    Why would a dental insurance company deny a bridge to a person because they have 4 teeth missing, especially if they are missing because the dentist pulled them?

    • Easy Dental Quotes /

      Hello. It’s true that some insurance plans have what’s called a missing tooth clause where they limit coverage for certain services if the patient had certain teeth removed prior to coming on the policy. However there are other dental plans such as the Max Choice Plans with Renaissance Dental that do not include any exclusion for prior missing teeth. So you may want to check out those plans if that’s a coverage your needing. Thanks!

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