Trump or Hillary for Dental?


What would a President Trump or Hillary mean for dental insurance?

This is an interesting question isn’t it? It can be difficult to determine how a potential future president or political party will affect various industries or business interests. Current events and political tides can quickly change leaving some onlookers perplexed. However there are a few clues that could give us an idea of which way they may lean regarding dental insurance in the future.

Would a President Trump affect my dental coverage?

Well, let’s play the “what if” game. Even though we don’t know what changes if any a Trump administration would mean for the dental industry, we’ll take a wild guess. Though it may not be that wild at all.

In that light, a Donald Trump presidency most likely would have a minimal affect on dental insurance and the dental care industry. Due to the fact current laws such as the Affordable Care Act or ACA do not specifically deal with dental care for adults, it’s unlikely there would be any appetite in a Republican administration to rock the boat. If anything there could be a roll back of certain medical related provisions that could offer health and dental insurance companies more flexibility in their business. This could potentially encourage them to offer new types of coverage options for health and dental needs.

But again it’s just a guess as we don’t know for sure what may happen if Trump wins the election in November. They could go completely the other way. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

How could a Hillary Clinton Presidency affect dental insurance?

In a continuation of our fictional look into the future, let’s examine what could happen to dental care if Hillary Clinton becomes the next president.

This one is a little more interesting because there are rumors and some evidence that some on the democratic side would like to expand the reach of the previous ACA health reforms in Obamacare. There are some progressive leaders that would like to introduce a public option for health care and others that have entertained the idea of including dental care as a part of the required coverages. And let’s not forget that during the previous Clinton administration, Hillary made the first attempt at a government sponsored health plan. If this is the case and a democratic administration assumes power, then there could be substantial changes in the future about how dental coverage is handled.

Of course, this is just an educated guess and things could definitely change. One thing we learned with the passing of Obamacare is that major industry changes can be hard with many battles and pitfalls. But time will tell the true story so we’ll just have to wait and let things play out.

Dental Insurance in the Future

Regardless of who wins the next election and the one after that, a few facts remain. Dental care along with medical will continue to be a necessary part of the lives of families and individuals across America. Although the way we finance or cover these treatments in the future may change, there will always be a need for quality dental care and some type of plans to help everyone gain access to dentists. And fortunately for today, there remain great options to find affordable dental insurance. So when this next election comes around, we’ll just have to keep our eyes on things to see how the future of dental goes.

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