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Vision and Dental are essential coverage needs

Dental insurance is one of the most sought after insurance coverage but it is often coupled with another popular benefit – vision insurance. Dental and vision plans are often considered together as a partner benefit. Let’s take a look at what common vision plans entail and consider some advantages of pairing dental and vision coverage together.

Vision Insurance gives coverage for exams and eye screenings

Most vision insurance plans have benefits for a yearly eye exam with an eye doctor such as an optometrist or ophthalmologist. These exams typically include various tests and screenings for eye health and vision correction. It’s crucial for individuals to receive a periodic exam as optometrists can often diagnose potential health issues before they become more serious.

Also one of the main reasons many people will seek a vision exam is a change in their vision. It’s common as we age for our eyes to change and vision to deteriorate. Some patients may be near sighted meaning you can’t see object far away, while others can be far sighted, which means you have trouble seeing up close. Regardless both issues can be addressed with common vision correction tools such as prescription eye glasses or contact lenses. Often with the aid of glasses or contacts, most people can improve their vision to normal levels.

Most vision plans have materials benefits for glasses or contacts

For those who need vision correction, most vision insurance plans include benefits for vision materials which are typically prescription eye glasses or contact lenses. Many plans will allow members to get new lenses for their glasses every year and coverage for a new pair of frames every 2 years.

Or if members prefer to wear contact lenses, most plans will have allowed benefits that cover new contact lenses each year. But with most vision plans, you must choose between eye glasses or contact lenses as benefits will only be paid for one service. Members can always pay out of pocket for the other option.

Many vision plans include discounts for laser eye corrections

Another popular treatment for vision correction that’s more permanent is laser vision correction procedures such as Lasik. This is a technique where doctors use a laser to reshape the cornea of the eye to make changes so that members can see clearly without the aid of eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Not all patients are candidates for laser vision correction but for those who are, many vision insurance plans will include a discount for laser eye correction. A discount is like a coupon or such that can be used with In Network providers who will reduce their charges for the procedure. This can be a nice savings especially as laser eye surgery can be expensive.

You can receive savings when buying dental and vision together

One of the reasons that dental and vision plans are often purchased together is to receive cost savings. Many dental plans will include a discounted rate for members who add vision coverage to their plan. While you can always purchase plans separately, if you need benefits for both dental and vision care, it often makes sense to buy both plans at the same time.

At EasyDentalQuotes, members who are purchasing a dental plan are given the option to add vision coverage to their plan at a discounted cost. We are pleased to offer plans with top vision carriers such as VSP and Davis Vision. The option to add vision coverage is given during the enrollment process as there are vision plan options only available to those buying dental. These vision plans can cost up to 20% less than stand alone vision plans. That’s a nice savings when you choose to add vision coverage to your dental plan.

Dental and Vision just go together

Some things just go together. Peas and carrots, Jack and Jill, and of course…dental and vision. As we’ve discussed there are many reasons to purchase dental and vision coverage together. While some may only need dental care and are blessed with great eye sight, those that need some type of vision correction can definitely benefit from a good vision insurance plan. So as you’re performing your search for the right dental plan, be sure not to forget about the benefits of a great vision plan too.

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