Where to Find Good Dental Insurance


Where can I find good dental insurance?

Finding a Good Dental Insurance Plan can be Easy

Some things can be more difficult to find than others. Burgers and ice cream are not that hard. A good dental insurance plan can be another story. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult. It can even be easy.

Employer Sponsored Dental Plans

If you have a full time job with benefits, there’s a good chance your company may offer dental insurance as an employee benefit. This can be a good arrangement particularly if your employer is paying for a part of the premium. But some companies only offer voluntary dental coverage, which means the employee must pay the full cost of the plan. Also with insurance through an employer, they typically only offer one carrier. So if it’s a good carrier with a large provider network, that can be a good thing. But if it’s a carrier you don’t like or your dentist is not in the network, it can limit your selection. For some, employer sponsored dental insurance can be the right fit.

Individual and Family Dental Insurance Plans

There are many people without access to an employer sponsored dental plan for various reasons. The good news is there are dental insurance plans designed specifically for individuals, families or seniors. These open market plans offer a broad select of carriers, coverage options, and plan costs. Having a variety of options is generally a good thing because you can compare and contrast alternatives to find the best fit for you.

Dental Insurance Online

With the advent of the internet, a vast majority of business and shopping has moved online, including dental insurance. We now have the tools and capability to provide quote engines with a large variety of plans and carrier choices. And many quote engines have the ability to quickly enroll in a plan with just a few simple steps. With EasyDentalQuotes, we’ve partnered with industry leading carriers such as Delta Dental, Renaissance Dental, Nationwide Insurance, Careington, and others to provide an array of dental coverage options at affordable costs. Some plans are even as low as $6.95/mo.

One of the best features of a third party insurance source is the ability to compare different carriers and plans. Many carriers may have their own quote options, but they will be limited to only show their plans. With an open marketplace like EasyDentalQuotes, you can choose between the best carriers and plan options to meet your needs.

Dental Insurance for the Mobile Age

Not only has business moved online due to the internet, it’s also moved into the palm of your hand with smart phones. Many people are spending more time doing daily internet tasks on their phone instead of a computer. Fortunately, EasyDentalQuotes has mobile friendly quoting. So you can search and compare plans and even sign up, all from your mobile device. Plus once you sign up for a plan, your ID card and policy info is all available electronically. And you can use the Provider Locator tool to search for In-Network dentists, all from your phone. With technology, dental plans have become more accessible and more convenient to use.

So when you begin the process to start looking for a dental insurance plan, you have quite a few choices to make. You’ll probably want to consider any employer sponsored dental options and then compare those to open market options as well. With EasyDentalQuotes, just enter your Zip Code to quickly find and compare plans in your area. Finding a good dental plan can be easy, even from your laptop or smart phone.

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