Who Needs Dental Insurance?


Do I need dental insurance?

Dental insurance…who needs it, right? Well maybe there are more people who need dental insurance than you might think. Dental work and treatments can be expensive and few can afford to pay out of their pocket for services. Let’s take a look at some common groups of people.

Children Need Dental Insurance

What is a kid’s favorite food group? Candy I think. It’s true once children get a taste of sugar, there’s no going back. And although they can run and play to wear off that energy, sugar can take it’s toll on a child’s teeth even with brushing. Children are some of the most common candidates for cavities. Cavities can cause harm to the tooth and if untreated can cause further damage to the root and lead to severe oral pain or loss of the tooth. Not to mention, dental treatments for cavities and other issues can cost a lot of money. That’s where dental insurance plans for families can help save money. And the best remedy for cavities can be routine visits to a dentist.

Routine Visits will Save you Money in the Long Run

Dental insurance encourages members to have routine check ups that can help maintain good oral health, for both kids and adults. Most dental insurance plans will allow an exam every six months. By going to the dentist regularly, members can help prevent future costly dental problems by catching any potential issues early. Treatments such as fillings or sealants can prevent potential issues that lead to tooth pain caused by nerve damage and require root canals and other services.

Young Adults are not Immune to Dental Needs

While young adults may be in the prime of their health, oral hygiene doesn’t take a back seat or give a free ride. Similar to kids, our diets and personal oral hygiene habits can have a significant impact on our dental needs. Statistics tell us that a majority of American’s are consuming diets with high acidity, sugar, and other factors that can cause stress to our mouth and teeth. Young adults still need to maintain regular dental visits to ensure they’re on the right track and to catch any dental issues early.

Maturing Adults and Seniors Need Dental Services

As with life, we grow and mature in many ways. And as our bodies age, so does our jaw and teeth. It is common for maturing adults to have more dental issues due to the use of our teeth over time. Also osteoporosis can be a factor if patients suffer a depletion of calcium that could affect the bones and teeth. Maturing adults and seniors can be the most common candidates for major dental work including crowns, bridges, dentures, or dental implants. These dental services can get expensive, so it can be vital to have a good dental insurance policy in place to help offset the costs. There are also many dental insurance plans for seniors. But the good news is that with good dentistry and new technologies, maturing adults can enjoy life long oral health.

So as we’ve seen, nearly everyone is an ideal candidate for dental services and a complementary dental insurance plan. From small children and young adults to maturing adults and seniors, routine dental exams and periodic dental treatments are necessary to maintain good oral health. And with the need for consistent dental services, a good dental insurance plan can help members get the treatments they need and protect them from unexpected dental needs. Here’s to a good dental life for everyone.

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