Why is Delta Dental one of the best dental insurance carriers?


Delta Dental is one of the top dental carriers in the country

Delta Dental is the largest dental insurance carrier in the country. With over 74 million active members, Delta Dental has grown to become one of the most popular dental insurance carriers in the US and Puerto Rico.

One reason for Delta’s success relates to their total focus on dental insurance. It’s all they do. While other insurance carriers typically offer a wide variety of insurance products, Delta puts all of their focus and energy on what they do best… dental insurance.

Delta Dental has a long history of service and strong financial standing

Delta Dental has been serving members for over 60 years, beginning as the first company in the country to focus on dental benefits. Over the years, Delta has helped promote oral health by expanding coverage and services of dental care to those who need it most. Delta remains financially strong with an A rating and averages over $19 billion in annual premiums.

Delta Dental is actually structured as a non-profit organization called Delta Dental Plans Association. This association is made up of several member companies that operate in specific states to extend coverage to members across the country.

Delta Dental’s provider networks are some of the largest in the US

One reason Delta Dental has grown to become a large influence in the dental industry is their focus on building and maintaining quality provider networks. These networks include a wide variety of dentists and dental specialists such as pediatric dentists, endodontists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons.

Delta Dental has 2 primary provider networks, their Premier Network and their PPO Network. Currently Delta’s Premier network consists of over 348,000 dental locations, while their PPO Network has 270,000 dental locations. With such a large network of dentists and online Provider Search Tools, it’s easy to find great dentists in your area. As a matter of fact, many people are referred to Delta Dental by their dentist.

Delta Dental Premier providers are some of the most popular dentists

Delta Dental’s Premier network is one of the best provider networks of dentists in the country. In fact, there are many dentists that only contract with Delta Dental Premier and no other networks. This is because of the quality of coverage and the plan payments that Delta makes to Premier dentists. With an emphasis on comprehensive oral care and strong provider relations, Delta’s Premier network continues to attract the very best dental providers across the US.

Delta Dental has superior customer service and claims support

Another reason many trust Delta with their dental care is their superior service. Recently Delta’s claims departments processed over 97 million claims for its members using electronic claim processing for claims filed by dental offices. And when members need any assistance, Delta’s experienced staff are only a phone call away to help answer questions and make plan changes as needed.

Delta offers a variety of dental plan options to meet your coverage needs

Delta offers a wide variety of plan options to suit your needs. Their dental insurance plans are considered full coverage dental plans with benefits for cleanings and routine services, as well as major services like root canals and crowns. Plans typically have benefit maximums that can range from $1000 to $3000 per member per year. Some plans also include orthodontic benefits for dependent children under age 19.

Delta’s Immediate Coverage plan is a popular choice with no waiting periods for major services coupled with strong plan benefits. Delta also offers a DHMO plan called Delta Care that is a lower cost alternative that offers discounts on services at participating providers. With a range of plan options, members can compare plan alternatives to choose the one that best fits their needs.

Where to find Delta Dental insurance plans

Those looking for coverage with Delta Dental can find plan options from a variety of sources. Some are able to obtain group coverage through their employer, while others can seek coverage in the individual market.

Delta’s insurance plans in the individual market are primarily offered by insurance agents or web brokers such as EasyDentalQuotes.com . With modern web-based quote engines, it’s easy to find plans, compare options, and sign up online.

Regardless of how you find a plan, members who enroll with Delta Dental can be confident in their coverage. Delta Dental will surely continue to remain one of the top dental companies with superior provider networks and member services for many years to come.

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